6 Steps To Knowing Your Spirit Guides

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with Mandy and her Spirit Mentors, Xara & Friends.

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Now pay really close attention, because we have some very important questions to ask you.

Have you been feeling oddly upset, emotional, confused, or overwhelmed?

Do you feel like you’ve been getting weird ‘messages’ or ‘seeing things’ lately?

Are you going through a phase where you’re feeling funky, strange or downright crazy?

Brilliant. You’ve managed to find your way to exactly the right place!

Hi. My name is Mandy Wildman, and when I say it’s ‘our’ course it’s because my Spirit Guides (Xara & Friends) have totally helped me put all this together. In fact, I couldn’t possibly have done it without them!

This home study course is quite possibly the very-first -almost-entirely-Spirit-Guided (you could say, ‘channeled’) online course for humans ever created!

Well over a year ago now, I had an experience. It was the most amazing, scary, upsetting and beautiful thing that’s ever happened to me. There I was, happily mentoring soul-centered entrepreneurs and helping them create their dream lives and businesses, when all of a sudden I hit an invisible wall.  I went splat. I fell down (mentally and emotionally) and I felt like couldn’t get up. And while there was absolutely nothing (physically) wrong with me, I felt like I was in the middle of an emotional train wreck. I mean, I really thought I was losing it. Can you relate?


Now our society loves to brush off these types of feelings as ‘symptoms’ of:

  • ‘depression’ (there’s a pill for that)
  • ‘women’s problems’ (there’s a pill for that)
  • a ‘disorder’ (hey – what do you know – there’s a pill for that too!)

But you have a ‘feeling’ that’s not any of those things. It’s something else. Something that feels amazing and scary and weird and wonderful all at the same time, but you have absolutely no idea what’s happening to you. What if I asked you a question that nobody else has asked you yet:

Could you be smack in the middle of a U.S.E.?


Look at this question for a moment. Let the idea roll around in your head for a few minutes.  Is it possible? If you’re feeling a sense of relief right now, or at least a kind of a ‘Hey, that makes sense!” feeling, I’d be willing to bet that that’s exactly what’s been going on with you. You are quite simply receiving a communication – a ‘download’ or message of some kind – from the spirit world. (And no, there’s no pill for that!)

“Oooooohhh – that’s freaky, but it feels kind of right.”

Look – let’s be very smart here.  You’ve already given it a lot of thought and you’ve checked all the usual suspects. You’ve asked yourself:

  • How’s my diet/nutrition? It’s fine. Check.
  • Am I getting enough sleep and exercise? Yes. Check.
  • Are there any truly toxic people in my life? Not any more. Check.
  • Am I feeling like I’m dangerous to myself or anyone else? Of course not, don’t be silly! Check.

So you tell me, what’s left?  Is it possible that what’s happening to you is what happened to me and is happening to thousands – maybe even hundreds of thousands – of other people around the planet right now? questiongirl2 When I had my Unusual Spiritual Experience, I was suddenly able to spontaneously relay messages of hope, encouragement and upliftment from a group of non-physical entities I know as Xara & Friends.   I didn’t believe what I was hearing (literally) and I had absolutely no one to turn to, because I was convinced that I was simply losing my marbles. I was scared (terrified) and completely unprepared for what was happening to me, what this ‘message’ was all about, and what I was supposed to do with all that information they were giving me.


As you can see, I finally realized (with their gentle, loving guidance) that THIS is what I’m supposed to be doing: helping YOU get through this ‘spiritual life event’ or ‘awakening’ or whatever you want to call it and out the other side with a clear understanding of what you’re supposed to do with all this new knowledge, amazing realizations, enhanced abilities, magical powers or what have you. Xara & Friends explained it to me this way: Once you come to understand that something outside of your ‘normal’ experience is happening to you, your first step is to learn how to communicate with the individual loving beings who make up your own personal Spiritual Support Team.

Really? Yes, really.  Really, really.

Look, I KNOW this is a lot for you to take in right now. I KNOW some of it sounds kind of unbelievable.  But I know like I know like I KNOW that you are meant to be here, reading this right now. I don’t care if you are a fast food worker or Donald Trump – this is happening to people from all walks of life all over the world.

And I’m getting teary as I write it, because I am feeling the love my Spirit Teachers have for YOU (yes, I can actually feel it flowing through me). So, what if I told you that I SO understand what you’re feeling right now that I (in collaboration with Xara & Friends) have created a simple, online training course that will show you how to:

  •  Make a powerful, personal, and lasting connection with your Spiritual ‘Family’
  • Translate the messages that your Spirit Guides are really wanting you to understand
  • Be able to ask all the questions you can think of and never feel alone, scared, stressed or worried again!

Yes, you’re going to learn how to ‘speak spirit’? How cool is THAT?!

 She met her Spirit Guides

Linda Neff

The most recent session I had with Mandy really opened my eyes.  She first connected with Spirit to actually clear up some things I mentioned to her about how I felt about Father’s Day.  I had these feelings about how I didn’t feel like my dad was my ‘hero’, nor did I really feel the honor I thought I should have during this day.  Mandy began conversing with her spiritual mentors (Xara & Friends) and they really helped me process these feelings. I was actually amazed at how ON TARGET they were.

Then, what really astounded me was that they asked if I would like to connect with my personal spiritual guides.  I have always wanted to do this! Mandy explained how helpful talking to your ‘spiritual support team’ can be when you are wanting to get answers, be led to possibilities of where to go to find business, and how to manifest whatever you want!

I was really ready to know my ‘spirits’ after Xara & Friends had given me so much guidance already.  I settled back to quiet myself and Mandy guided me to make the connection.  I was not sure if I was actually getting a name, because the name ‘John’ came up.  Mandy confirmed that she was getting a name that began with ‘J’.  I now know ‘John’ is my main Spirit Guide and he will help me with manifesting.

While Mandy and I were talking about ‘John’ it was clear that a second name was coming in very quickly.  ‘Cierra’ was coming through loud and clear.  Cierra was telling me she was there to help me with energy.  She is to help me go deeper with my energy work and I am to ask her questions about energy and involve her in my work.

Since I had that Spirit Guide Connection Session with Mandy,  I’ve been talking a lot to John.  Amazingly he has already motivated me to reach out and visit more places to present my work which is resulting in some fascinating connections to expand my business.  And this is just ONE DAY after my session with Mandy!  I am just so excited to develop powerful and beautiful relationships with John, Cierra, and the rest of my spiritual support team.   Thank you Mandy and welcome Spirits!

Interested in finding out more? Yes? Okay, read on.

About the Six Steps to Knowing Your Spirit Guides Online Course

This is a six-week, online course that you can do at your own pace. Every Wednesday for six weeks you’ll have:

  • A brand new lesson – a recorded training call from me (and Xara & Friends). You get to keep the recording!
  • An e-book / workbook that you can use to stay on track and fill in your assignment steps as you complete them.
  • Live email access to me, Mandy.  Share your successes, send your assignments for accountability and support and get your questions answered (no other home study course offers that kind of private access for this price).
  • Bonuses? Oh, yes. Keep reading!

Want more deets?  Here they are, week-by-week.

An Introduction to Spirit Guides – Frequently Asked Questions


This is a ‘Spirit Guides 101’ module to get you ramped up and on track with how to get started knowing your guides.

  • Life without connection to your Spirit Guides (harder than it needs to be)
  • Life with connection to your Spirit Guides (yummy and fun and abundant)
  • Who are my Spirit Guides and what on Earth do they want?
  • The Do’s & Don’ts of Dealing with Spirit


Creating Your Spirit Space


Creating your head-space AND your physical space

  • Trust- Giving your intuition a chance
  • Self-care – Food, Health, Clothing, Attitude
  • Your Magical Spirit Space (with pics)



The Language of Spirit Guides


 Did you know that there are TONS of different ways that your Spirit Guides could be trying to communicate with you?

  • Believing your intuitive knowing – the first (and toughest) hurdle
  • Turn up the vibrational volume (so you can receive their messages)
  • How Your Spirit Guides speak to you
  • Interpreting messages from your Spirit Guides


Sitting Down with Spirit



Tips for the first date

  • Finding out who you really are
  • Finding out who they really are
  • How to ask questions (so that you get the right answers)



Building Your Spirit Guide Support Team



  • Who do you have on your loving support team already?
  • What can they do to help you in your life and business?
  • What else do you need help with and how can you attract more team members?




 Living with Your Spirit Guides


  • Day-to-day life with your Spirit Guides – what it’s like
  • How to talk about your relationship with your Spirit Guides to others
  • What’s next for you – what’s the BIG picture for your future?


 She’s open to receiving miracles – and it’s working!

candace“The information you shared on the call the other day really helped me! Now whenever I have a problem I say to myself, ‘I’m open to receiving miracles’ and it seems like I get a miracle in response every time! No joke.

I had another miracle happen recently. I was sending out some Facebook messages and I was getting all ‘nos’. I was ready to get a little upset and then I said to myself, ‘No – I’m open to receiving miracles.’ The next thing I know someone I had messaged (whom I don’t even know) told me that he had created a page for the people in his group to buy my service package and he’s giving it to them as a bonus! 

And Mandy you’re not going to believe what just happened! While we were chatting here on Facebook I had one of my customers just message me right next to you in the chat box and he says he wants to book 10 more hours with me! Wow – totally amazing results!”


Worrying about how much it’s going to cost? No need. I (and Xara & Friends) wanted to make this as affordable as humanly possible – because the information contained in this course is SO important.


Sound fair?  Oh – what about those bonuses?


Doing this course exactly the way we’ve laid it out will change your life. I can tell you from my own personal experience that there’s nothing more comforting and encouraging than knowing you’re surrounded by your own personal team of loving, supportive beings who are there to assist you with every step of your journey. There’s simply nothing like it.

But here’s something to know about your Spirit Guides – they can’t connect with you unless you reach out to them first.  And you have to know how.

To help you make that connection for yourself I’ve hand-picked these special bonuses to make sure – absolutely sure – that you get the unique experience you’re hoping for. And that’s why I’ve included a free LIVE session with me and my beautiful guides, Xara & Friends.

 A FREE Spirit Guide Connection Session with Mandy? YES!




You’ll get a free copy of our book, The Success Memos – 111 Tiny Tips To Help You Create a More Magical Life by Mandy & Wayne. This ground-breaking e-book is packed full of success strategies straight from the soul – ours to yours! Use it every day to help pave your way to spirit-guided fun, success and happiness. ($19.95 value)


MWmystic copy

Do all six weeks of your assignments and get a FREE twenty-five (25) minute Spirit Guide Connection Session with Mandy and Xara & Friends During your session Xara & Friends will speak with you directly and answer any questions you have. Your session will be recorded and you’ll be sent the link so that you can listen to it again and again whenever it’s convenient for you. (At least $135 value, but it’s hard to put a monetary value on this one!)



Graduate the whole course and get 30% off our upcoming Out of This World School for Solopreneurs program.  You heard it here first! We can’t give too much away because this is a top secret project that we’ve been working on for a loooooong time.  The good news is that it will be launching in the not-too-distant future and when it does you’ll be among the first to get an inside peek AND save 50% on this special, Out of This World program (at least a $465 + value).

I tried for years to make that contact with the non-physical world that would bring me the confirmation I needed to believe in their loving, positive power, but nothing worked until I had my “experience” (I’ll go into more detail about that in the course). And when I finally discovered what I needed to do in order to have them around me at all times awaiting my requests – well – it changed my life and I’ve made it my mission to help you have the same wonderful experience.

She’s Learning to Listen to Her Angels & Spirit Guides – and it’s WORKING!

Rose Marie Vieira“My Spirit Guide Connection Session with Mandy changed my life! Recently money was really tight and I’d been under the weather with a severe migraine for several days. I really didn’t feel like going to the networking meeting but I asked my Angels and Guides if I should go and the answer was a strong ‘yes’.  The first miracle was that I thought I didn’t have the money for lunch, but then I found $10 in my wallet I didn’t know I had.   And then – completely unexpectedly – two people who owed me money came up and paid me!  I went from $0 to $95 in 2 hours! I just about dropped to my knees in tears of joy!!! Then later I got an unexpected gig where I’ll get a lot of exposure for my photography business! I LOVE my Angels/Spirit Guides and I’m so grateful that I’m learning to listen to them!” Rose Marie Vieira – Event Horizons Photography

Are you ready to start creating a beautiful relationship with YOUR Spirit Guides?

After October 15th – IF there are any spots left – this course will be $587.

BUT join us right now and you’ll pay only $297 for the whole 6-week course!

This is such an out-of-this-world, affordable price for a course that’s going to teach you all about who your Spirit Guides are and how they can help you with anything you need, always.


Cash flow a little tight right now? Here’s a two-pay option

(second payment will be billed 30 days from your first payment).


HAVE YOU JOINED ALREADY?  AWESOME! If not, we have three ‘don’ts’ for you:

  1. Don’t deprive yourself of this awesome opportunity – you deserve this.
  2. Don’t wait until it’s too late and miss the more than 50% savings (that would be downright sad!)
  3. Don’t ignore your most precious gift – your intuition. If it’s telling you to do this, then let your Guides help you find a way to do it.

John McLean“I had been depressed beyond imagination for a very, very long time.  I hated my job, and at that time I kind of hated my life. I felt as if I had no purpose and was so lost and felt unbelievable frustration. Then I took the plunge and decided to invest in a day of private coaching with Mandy and Wayne. I can’t begin to describe the lessons I learned and how good I felt afterwards.

After just ONE DAY of coaching with Mandy and Wayne and getting advice from Mandy’s Spirit Guides I quit the job I hated so much and got my dream job, and in the first month I had AMAZING success and doubled my previous income!!! I was then able to buy my dream car and got approved on my own – it felt great! I also got a dream opportunity to explode my income to even higher levels. I AM NOW LIVING MY DREAMS beyond what I could ever have imagined!” John McLean, Automobile Purchasing Consultant



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Golden Guarantee: If you listen to the call and do all the steps for week #1 of this course and are not satisfied that you are getting what you paid for, simply let us know within seven days of signing up and we will gladly return your money. Unfortunately if you do that you will forfeit your bonuses, including the free Spirit Guide Connection Session with Mandy.

Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our program and its results. Please understand that YOU are going to have to do the steps, work and assignments to ensure you get the results you’re looking for. The testimonials and examples used are actual results, but yours may not be exactly the same as theirs. Every person is different, and each person’s ability to connect with their personal Spirit Guides will depend on his or her background, experience, dedication, desire and patient application of what they learn in this course. Please know that this information is in no way to be interpreted as treating or diagnosing an illness or condition of any kind whatsoever.

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