Be Successful Being YOU! Intuitive Business Mentoring Program

Are you READY to BE who you REALLY ARE?

Are you READY to DO what you REALLY LOVE?

Are you READY to BE PAID what you’re REALLY WORTH?

Are you READY to Step Into Your Soul-Centered Success?

If you want a more spirit-led, passion-filled, profitable fulfilling business and life NOW, then we think you’ll love our  private mentoring program:

 How To Be Successful Being YOU!

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You’re a spirit-led entrepreneur who’s been feeling less than thrilled with your results lately and you’re wondering what you’re doing wrong (or what you’re not doing right)?

You’d like to learn how you can change your life and business from ‘stressful and disappointing’ to ‘blissfully satisfying’, starting from where you are right now with resources you may already have at your fingertips?

If you’re anything like so many of the spiritual business owners we talk to, you want to be in business not just to ‘make a living’ but to do something that really creates positive change in the world while enjoying a thriving, purposeful and prosperous life.

You’re not alone – we’ve been exactly where you are and that led us to pioneering our evolutionary model for doing business in a way that is soul-centered, heart-felt, AND delivers profitable results and the happy clients whose testimonials bring you that exhilarating feeling of satisfaction and success.

We know that you deserve to do what you love – helping people. And there is no doubt that you deserve to be well-rewarded for your gifts.

Quite frankly – this planet needs your gifts!

In this 6-month intensive private mentoring program for soul-centered business owners we share our most important teachings for how you can create (or re-create) your dream business from the ground up and work the way YOU want to work while serving your clients at the highest level.

If you’re reading this page you probably know us, or know someone who knows us, and you know that we share our best and most up-to-date business strategies, tips and tools. Always.

So if you’re ready to:

  • break out of the uninspiring ‘good days, bad days’ syndrome
  • connect with your Higher Realm Support Team so that you can accomplish anything
  • use your natural intuition to ‘know’ which actions to do in your business and you life
  • unleash that creativity that’s been dying to express itself through you
  • partner with the Universe to attract the money that wants to come to you
  • create a simple, blissful and profitable business around who YOU are, and
  • work with the exact clients you’d love to help

. . . then you are the very reason we created this private mentoring program – Hi!

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What is it?

This is a 6 month intensive business success mentoring program where we’ll get to the heart of what’s going on in your business and show you how to expand to the level of abundance, fulfillment, and success that you deserve to have.

Who is it for?

This program is for you if you are ready to have a more soul-centered, passion-filled, abundant and satisfying business and are ready to do what it takes to get there.

We have coached all kinds of divine, soul-centered entrepreneurs including teachers, mentors, healers, designers, artists, workshop and seminar facilitators, network marketers, speakers, writers, authors, coaches, service-providers of all kinds – anyone who wants to help people and uplift the world joyously, authentically and prosperously.

When is it?

You can join at any time if there is a space available and if we both feel we are a match for working together. We work with people who are 100% willing and committed to doing what it takes to break out of old, unwanted patterns and create their ideal business working with their dream clients.

How does it work?

You’ll get:
  • A powerful initial 2-hour Strategy Analysis and Success Planning Session – we’ll find out what’s going right, what isn’t, and what action steps need to happen to jump-start your ideal income.
  • 6 one-hour, private one-on-one Success Mentoring Sessions, scheduled once a month (by phone or Skype).
  • Unlimited private email access to Mandy (no other mentoring programs offer this level of personal connection for such an affordable investment)
  • Access to exclusive downloadable training materials, including video trainings,  webinars, audio trainings,  teleseminars, and easy-to-do home study courses that you can keep and do at any time, all filled with powerful strategies and simple action steps to help you build your dream business based on who you really are at a soul level.
  • 6 x 15 minute Intuitive Success Readings (scheduled every other month, by phone or Skype chat.) These readings are an intimate conversation between you, Mandy and her/your Spiritual Guides. They are an opportunity to connect with your Higher Self/Innermost Being and ask deep-seated questions you’ve been wanting answers to. They are recorded for your to keep forever.
  • Membership in Mandy’s private, clients-only Solopreneur Success Circle where you can access the exclusive training materials for you to enjoy when it’s convenient for you, as well as the support, accountability and FUN of being part of a community of entrepreneurs and business owners who understand what you’re doing and GET what you’re going through!
  • BONUS: Up to 3 x one-hour tech walk-through calls (let’s conquer how to update your WordPress website, optimize your social media accounts, set up your email marketing program or creating your digital information products – whatever you need).
  • BONUS: Up to 3 emergency ‘SOS’ calls – for those important moments of sheer panic (or sheer bliss) when you really NEED someone to download to!

Some of the topics we’ll be covering are:

 Clarity / Purpose

  • Get crystal clear about your unique talents, gifts and abilities and how you are going to bring them to the world in the most authentic, soul-centered way.
  • Really understand who your ideal clients are and how they make buying decisions.
  • Learn how to word your offers in a way that speaks to your people on a core level. This is a critical key to building a successful business that so many Spirit-led entrepreneurs just simply have not been shown how to do.
  • Craft your marketing message and confidently promote your gifts and offerings to the world.

Develop/PRICE Your Offerings

  • Learn how to create a ‘first offering’ designed to attract your ideal prospects
  • Learn how to package your services and design your high-end programs in ways that serve your clients perfectly
  • Price your offerings in a way that honors both you and the transformational results your clients will get

Attraction-Based MESSAGING

  • Use your most powerful words to develop your benefits-based tag line, your Success Attraction Speech and your message to the world
  • Develop your signature talk and start sharing your message with the world
  • Learn how to write the essential pages of your website and create the special offers that inspire people to subscribe to your list and work with you.


  • Set up your social media presence so that your ideal clients can find you
  • Learn how to find your ideal clients and connect with them easily
  • Discover how to put your social media marketing strategies on “auto-pilot”.

The No-Cringe Closing SYSTEM

  • This is where so many new business owners lose thousands – sometimes tens of thousands – of dollars that they could have earned: simply because they “hate sales”. We’ll show you our secret ‘Spirited Sales’ approach that anyone can do!
  • Learn the structure and flow of a closing conversation (hint: it’s NOT what you been told)
  • Learn how to be powerfully present with prospects so that you can help them say “Yes” to themselves (and “Yes” to working with you)

Activate Your Authentic Marketing Strategy

  • Discovering your unique marketing style (the one you love to do!)
  • Learn how to create marketing campaigns based on your personal marketing strategy
  • Customize a powerful lead generating and referral system that fits who you are and attracts your ideal clients.

Build Your Money Mountain

  • Create multiple income streams so that you can engage with your prospects at all levels
  • Learn how to create your own online programs, courses and digital products
  • Get comfortable with being a smart, successful and Soul-centered business owner!

Whatever you need to know in order to take your next big steps in your business will be the focus during our 6 months of working together. You’ll keep adding the building blocks for your dream business with one-on-one coaching sessions and plenty of email and/or online support.

 Are there any Bonuses?

Yes, we LOVE awarding bonuses to people who say “Yes” to themselves! We want you to succeed on every level so we’re giving away some of our best and most awesome goodies to the first 10 people who join this program.


Social Media Marketing Course

 You’ll get our super-hot Social Media Marketing Series Course ($585 value) which includes:

  • FOUR info-packed training calls you can listen to at any time that it’s convenient for you
  • FOUR easy-to understand e-books with over 30 pages of hot, juicy how-to’s covering how you can use social media marketing to build an enthusiastic following , power up your influence by blogging from your heart, and use email marketing to reach your ideal prospects who will be glad to hear your messages.
  • And of course, as a private client you can get unlimited email Q & A around how to apply these vital social media marketing strategies to YOUR business!


You’ll also get access to all 12 recorded interviews from our Dream Business Breakthrough Virtual Retreat. This alone is worth its weight in gold!

Twelve feisty, successful women share their inspiring stories of heartbreak and triumph, inviting you into their world, behind the scenes, giving you the opportunity to see that if THEY can do it, YOU can do it! This ground-breaking event was designed to rock your world!

Dream Business Breakthrough Virtual Retreat


Space in our How To Be Successful Being YOU! private mentoring program is always limited, so if you think this program may be just what you need, we should talk.

How do I get started?

Just set up a call with us to discuss options.

The bottom line is, if you answered YES to any of the questions at the top of this page and you’re still reading, you know in your heart of hearts that you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to get into this program and get the support and help you need and deserve.

More questions?

We accept just 24 clients into the Be Successful Being You! private business coaching program each year. If you feel that you might be ready to get started, please connect with us.

We look forward to talking with you.

Hugs, Mandy Wildman

Mandy Wildman

(& Wayne says “Hi”)

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[Clearly, no actual representations of income or changed circumstances are being promised here. You are responsible for your own results. We’re here to teach, support and answer questions. The rest is up to you, baby.]