Negative Sterotyping from an Assertive B**ch (rant alert!)

Oh – this really pisses me off! Anyone else sick and tired of this?

A man who is assertive in business is a good businessman.

A woman who is assertive in business is a b**ch.

This woman is NOT a bitch - she's just a little stressed!

What? It breaks my heart whenever I talk to a woman business owner who is being trampled by her employees or colleagues because she doesn’t want to be thought of as a b**ch and as a result it’s destroying her morale, her business and her INCOME.

And it’s happening every day!

If this is YOU and you’re busy ‘trying to be nice’ instead of doing what you KNOW you need to do, then you are going to fail.  I am saying that to you with love, but I have to say it, because it is true.

Let me remind you that what other people think of you is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!

Get on with running your business the way you know it should be run.  And guess what’ll happen?

You’ll have more money (because you’re firing the ‘stupid & lazies’), which will reduce your stress, which will in turn make you a nicer person (your true self showing up)!

This is a happy business woman - see?

You’re welcome.


Mandy Wildman
(Your sweet and loving Success Coach)

photo credits: From photopin cc