A Spiritual Head Slap – er – Awakening!

In 2013, having spent more than 15 years as a successful business coach and branding specialist I had what can only be described as a Spiritual Awakening.

(It was more like a “spirit-bombing” if you want to know the truth!)

As a solution to what I’ll call “coach burnout” I began meditating every day to relieve stress, find balance and gain insight into life’s BIG questions.

Now I’ve always considered myself a “spiritual but not religious” person, and I have been accused of being a spiritual medium (doesn’t everybody hear dead people talk?) as well as a clairvoyant (why can’t everyone see what I’m seeing?). One client even nicknamed me the “slightly psychic business coach” which I thought was funny at the time.

So imagine my surprise (hairs on back of neck standing straight up) when one day as I sat meditating in my bedroom, I began spontaneously relaying messages of inspiration, hope and encouragement from a group of non-physical beings that I eventually came to know as Xara and Friends.

This was definitely a U.S.E.

Unusual Spiritual Experience

Initially I didn’t tell anyone but my husband because it was kind of spooky to me, but as time went on Xara and Friends started gently urging me to relay their uplifting messages to individuals and gatherings of people.  In fact – to the world!

At first I was very reluctant to share their messages (hello – BUSINESS coach!) but Xara and Friends are lovingly persistent and eventually I decided to accept my new reality and ‘come out,’ if for no other reason than it felt selfish not to.

And actually, sharing their messages felt good – VERY good. My whole world changed – talk about finding your purpose in life – I had no idea.

Here I was – helping women find their goals and answering questions about becoming an entrepreneur when suddenly I was smack in the middle of my own personal spiritual mentorship program on how to change your life. (Thanks, guys!)

Connecting with my spirit guides transformed my life completely. It has been so utterly beautiful for me, I had to share.

Today I write about my spiritual experiences on my blog, Got Spirit Guides. I transcribe and publish the powerful and uplifting messages that are relayed through me by my non-physical friends.

There are things they want you to know.

Peace and blessings,

Mandy Wildman

Mandy Wildman