A Conversation with Stevie Nicks and Leslie Godbold

So this morning I had a wonderful image consultation over the phone with Leslie Godbold of Successful Business Image in Asheville, NC.  She told me what I should emphasize, gave me colors that would work for me, and indicated styles that would be flattering to my body type.

I asked some questions and Leslie basically told me that if I wanted to go ahead and dress like my heroine Stevie Nicks then I should do it. She cautioned me on accessorizing and told me how to balance ‘business professional’ with ‘rock star.’   I couldn’t wait to rush out and shop for some items that would fit my style makeover.  I had a budget – and it was a small one – just in case I messed up and had to start over.

So with less than $50 and a mission to find at least 2 outfits, I kissed Wayne-Face goodbye (“Huh? Where are you going with the checkbook?”) and jumped into the car, heading for my new favorite clothing store – Within Reach Resale Shop in Waynesville, NC.  Here’s what I got:

Skirt, Jacket, Boots
Melon jacket, skirt, boots and pendant.

As I wandered around the store cherry-picking through all the neat stuff, I chatted with Stevie and Leslie in my head.  “Leslie – what are you going to say about this?” and “Stevie – you’d wear this, right?”  We three had a blast shopping together.

The melon suede jacket still had the tags on – goodness knows what it must have cost new.  It cost me $15 – a deal!

I had been stalking a $120 pair of short cowboy boots on the Zappo’s site for a week – but when I saw these beauties at $5 they were mine, mine, mine!

The pendant was perfect, they wanted $10 for it but gave it to me for $6 because I was buying so much.  Lucky me!

Melon jacket with long black skirt, crushy belt and boots

It was love at first sight with this skirt because it was long (ankle length) and worked with everything else. The belt cinches it all together -yum. The skirt was 50% off at $3 – sold!

Black velvet pants and top with jacket and boots

When I spied this black velvet pants suit I dived towards it hoping it was my size. It was. The top is sleeveless and goes with anything. It works for evening, and will be easy to mix and match with other stuff I have in my closet. The price was a steal at $6 (also half off), so I stole it and called myself thrifty!

The little scarfy thing was a length of fabric that they just gave me.  Oh, thank you, thank you!

Detail of pendant and scarfy thing

They rang me up and the total came to $42.27. As I rejoiced at the amazing price, they informed me that I had earned points toward $5 of free stuff – all I had to do was come back soon. Question: Is 8:00am tomorrow too soon?

Thanks Stevie, thanks Leslie, thanks Within Reach Resale Shop – I had a great time with you all!

Hugs, Mandy
P.S. Here’s a piece of jewelry I bought from my friend Dale Cate that I think will work great with the black velvet pants suit. Can’t wait to see what Leslie says!

Calsablanca necklace
Casablanca necklace