Six Steps to Creating a Successful Business

This six-week business mentoring course is for you if you’re ready to:

  • Create a simple, blissful, and profitable business around your core values and what you want to offer the world
  • Unleash that creativity that’s been aching to express itself through you
  • Use your natural intuition to ‘know’ which actions you need to do in your business, and
  • Attract your ideal clients with offers they won’t be able to resist.

If this sounds right to you then you’ll be glad to know that you’re exactly who I intended to serve when I created this private mentoring program.

What is it?

This is a 6 week intensive business success mentoring program where we’ll get to the heart of what it’s going to take to successfully launch your business.

Each week we’ll do a one-hour intensive coaching call, recorded so that you can listen again and again. We’ll be covering the Six Steps listed below.

The Six Steps to Creating a Successful Business are:

 Clarity / Purpose

  • Get crystal clear about your unique talents, gifts and abilities and how you are going to bring them to the world in the most authentic, soul-centered way.
  • Really understand who your ideal clients are and how they make buying decisions.
  • Learn how to word your offers in a way that speaks to your people on a core level.
  • Craft your marketing message and confidently promote your gifts and offerings to the world.

Develop and Price Your Offerings

  • Learn how to create a ‘first offering’ designed to attract your ideal prospects
  • Learn how to package your services and design your programs in a way that serves your clients perfectly
  • Price your offerings in a way that honors both you and the transformational results your clients will be getting

Attraction-Based Messaging

  • Use your most powerful words to develop your benefits-based tag line, your “elevator speech” and your magical message to the world
  • Develop your signature talk and start sharing your message with the world
  • Learn how to create special offers that inspire people to subscribe to your mailing list and work with you.

Create Your Social Media Platform

  • Set up your social media presence so that your ideal clients can find you
  • Learn how to find your ideal clients and connect with them easily
  • Discover how to put your social media marketing strategies on “auto-pilot”.

The No-Cringe Closing Strategy

  • This is where so many new business owners lose thousands of dollars that they could have earned: simply because they “hate sales”.
  • Learn the comfortable structure and flow of a closing conversation (hint: it’s NOT what you been told)
  • Learn how to be powerfully present with prospects so that you can help them say “Yes” to themselves (and “Yes” to working with you)

Activate Your Authentic Marketing Strategy

  • Discover your unique marketing style (the one you love to do!)
  • Learn how to create simple marketing campaigns based on your personal marketing strategy
  • Create a powerful way to connect with your ideal prospects.

Build Your Money Mountain

  • Discover how you can create multiple income streams so that you can engage with your prospects at all their comfort levels
  • Explore examples of online programs, courses, books and digital products
  • Get comfortable with being a smart, successful, and soul-centered business owner!

Whatever you need to know in order to take your next big steps in your business will be the focus during our 6 weeks of working together. We’ll keep adding the building blocks for your dream business during our one-on-one coaching sessions.

Disclaimer: space in my private mentoring programs are always limited, so if you feel as if you might be ready to move forward, we should talk.

How do I get started?

The bottom line is, if you’ve been feeling good while you’ve been reading this, you know in your heart of hearts that you shouldn’t miss this opportunity to get the support and help you need and deserve.

An exploratory conversation with me is absolutely free. Reach out to me and let’s set a time for a one-on-one conversation today.