Money Moments with Mandy – Episode #1

Video Series: Money Moments with Mandy Wildman

Have you ever been sitting in front of your desk and not known what to do to grow your business fast, effectively and on a very small marketing budget?

If you’re an entrepreneur and you’re working alone – maybe even from your home – there are probably times when you could use some some help with how to market and run your small business.  If that sounds like you, this series of short “MoMo Videos’ is our gift to you.

This first video is designed to blow the lid off of any negative thoughts you might be having about money, and whether there’s enough money to go around (there is!)

MoMo Video #1: Mandy Wildman talks about “Money With Your Name On It”

In this video Mandy talks about how you can actually visualize the money that is coming to you – in any quantity you desire – and she encourages you to go and get the money you deserve.  The video is very short (about 2-3 mins long).

(By the way, ‘momo’ stands for More Money, Money Moments, Monday Momentum, Money Momentum, or anything else related to making more money in your small business.)

We also made a 15 minute audio coaching call all about how to attract more money into your life – click the link below to listen:

Listen to the Money With Your Name On It coaching call now:

Yours in success and abundance,
Mandy Wildman & Wayne Porter

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