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Mandy & Wayne’s most popular and requested presentation is:

Be Successful Being YOU – How to Create a Magical Life.

Mandy and Wayne impart a light-hearted, soul-centered message of inspiration and encouragement, explaining the basic truths about how life works, how it doesn’t work, and how anyone can apply simple universal laws to attract whatever they desire.

This fun workshop answers some of the things people have been wondering about since time began.  In the first part of the seminar Wayne addresses some of life’s BIG questions, namely:

  • Who am I really?
  • Why am I here?
  • What’s holding me back and getting in my way?
  • How can I feel better and have more of what I want?

In the second segment of the presentation Mandy show the audience how they can:

  • Easily expand their capacity for joy, abundance and fulfillment;
  • Reframe any negative beliefs that may be limiting them; and
  • embrace the possibilities and opportunities that they may be missing.

“If you’re not filled with enthusiasm for what life brings you each day, you need to get to one of Mandy & Wayne’s seminars!”

This seminar is ideal as a fundraiser and works well for both alternative and mainstream spiritual organizations.

 Non-profit organizations and churches – ask about our no-fee fundraisers!

Mandy Wildman and Wayne Porter are a dynamic husband and wife team on a mission to redefine the way people think about who they are, why they’re here and what they are capable of accomplishing.

Over the past 15 years this inspirational duo have been invited to host and/or speak (together and separately) at over 200 events.

Mandy and Wayne
Mandy and Wayne

With their extensive background in coaching and mentoring, as well as 18 years in marketing and business consulting, Wayne and Mandy have a quirky, memorable speaking style, using their flair for the art of communication to help ensure that what they are teaching really takes root in the minds of their audiences.

Philosophical in nature, their work addresses the topic of abundance and personal fulfillment, and how to attract more of what you want to be, do and have in your life.


Their seminars can be customized to be suitable for companies,  non-profits, community groups, or faith-based organizations.



While much of Wayne and Mandy’s teachings come from their many years of inspiring entrepreneurs how to make a profit while having fun, some of the material is based on the best-selling book, Infinite Possibilities, by Mike Dooley, who was featured in the movie The Secret, seen by millions of people around the world.

Mandy Wildman is a certified Infinite Possibilities Trainer and a Spiritual medium with the ability to connect people with their spirit guides.  Wayne Porter is a Master Networker and a Law of Attraction guru.


Mandy and Wayne with Mike Dooley


“I LOVED that the information was realistic, not vague like you’ll find at many seminars. I got a lot of ideas I can start implementing immediately.  As a matter of fact, I’ve already done a few of the things I jotted down in my notes.”


Wayne Porter speaking
Wayne gives a seminar

Topics and material can be customized for specific audiences.

Mandy and Wayne present the information in a humorous, uplifting, educational and entertaining style with PowerPoint presentations and audience hand-outs as desired.


Mandy Wildman giving a seminar
Mandy Wildman demonstrates a point


 “I walked away with more clarity on what focus I needed to have and my head overflowed with  questions to hone things more!”


“I loved the confidence Mandy & Wayne gave us and the way they clarified our dreams and gave us ‘mini-steps’ to take in our business and life.”


Mandy speaks at a fund-aising event
Mandy speaks at a fundraising event


“I learned how to crank up my energy level when I’m speaking to get even better results.”


“I took great notes from each session and I know I am on the right path – hooray!”


Mandy Wildman with Venerable Panadipa
Mandy Wildman with Venerable Panadipa


“Mandy & Wayne’s Monetize Your Vision event made a huge impact on my life. It inspired me in ways I never anticipated. After listening to these caring and experienced speakers, I was completely energized.  Today (three days after the event) I have been non-stop talking to people, building my ghostwriting business and feeling like I will conquer the world shortly!”


“Although I attended this event primarily as a vendor and had no expectation whatsoever of benefiting from the program, I found myself “sucked in” by the quality of the material presented and the caliber of the speakers. This program was “A-W-E-S-O-M-E!”


 “Loved the speakers and their enthusiasm, their directness, and the really beautiful, non-stuffy venue was such a treat!”


For booking information please contact or call (828) 367-0488.

About Mandy & Wayne

Mandy Wildman and Wayne Porter are committed to helping people understand WHO they are, WHY they’re here, WHAT they are supposed to be doing, and HOW they can live their ideal life.  With many years experience as success trainers Mandy and Wayne bring clarity, warmth and humor to their seminars.  They live in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina with their three amazing kids.