[free call] 5 Essential Tips To Getting Your Book on Kindle


Have you ever considered what it would feel like to be a published author? Have you dreamed of how nice would it be to be able to say, “I have a book published on Kindle” or “I am a published author”?

Get your book on Kindle NOW!

If you’re an aspiring author – whether your book is ready, half-done or not even started, I want you to tune in to my no-cost training on getting your book published on Kindle.

Here are the deets:

5 Essential Tips To Getting Your Book on Kindle NOW!

What? A  home study course by Spiritual Business Coach Mandy Wildman

In this free mini course I’m going to share:

  1. What the top-selling Kindle markets are and how to tap into them
  2. How long your book needs to be and a simple Kindle formatting formula
  3. self-sabotaging belief that stops many good writers from getting their books published
  4. How most people get stuck at the Kindle “tech curve” and how one tool can solve that
  5. How to market your Kindle book once it’s published

Mandy and Wayne Success Memos book on Kindle

If you own a business – any business – especially a service business such as coaching, mentoring, leading workshops, spiritual healing or teaching – having a book published is a powerful way to establish credibility with your target audience.

As writers, Wayne and I have edited, ghost-written and co-authored a number of books. We’ve created literally hundreds of courses, workbooks, articles, scripts and e-books and we’ve been paid very well as professional writers.

So we were kind of surprised how good it felt to finally be able to say, “Our Success Memos book is now published on Kindle”.

What took us so long? It’s not like we have a lack of material – we can pull together 100 pages of material any day of the week. Why didn’t we do it sooner – MUCH sooner?

After the initial whoop of glee at seeing our book on Kindle, checking out the reviews and watching the “cha-ching” as orders came in, I started to feel – angry.  I realized I was cross with myself and Wayne that as coaches and business leaders we had not made the time to take this step years ago.

For us, there was always something more pressing that needed to be done, projects that had to be taken care of before we could indulge in the luxury of focusing on the dream of sharing our work with the world.

As we waded through the Kindle publishing process there were a lot of things learned and a lot of ah-ha’s.  The biggest were, “This wasn’t as complicated and time-consuming as we thought it might be” and “We were over-thinking this” along with some “Oh – THAT’s good to know!”.


And then THIS happened. Just yesterday.

Over 500 downloads of our book in just 24 hours!!!

Over 500 downloads in 24 hrs!


As I update this post, it’s 8:44am on the second day of a 5-day free promotion and  already there have been 48 downloads of our Success Memos book so far. Our book is going viral as you read this.

Wayne and I love to share everything we learn with our beautiful friends, family, solopreneur clients and new readers.  So of course, this amazing experience with our first Kindle book being so successful – in a number of different ways – led us to create this training call so that YOU can get your book published on Kindle right away instead of waiting as long as we did!

Are you ready?  Great – sign up below:

See you on the other side.

Hugs, Mandy (and Wayne says, “Hey!”)