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They Took a Vow That Changed Everything. . .

Recently we gave a live seminar where we showed attendees how to use what they already knew to get everything they want. We had a great time and ever since we have been getting calls and Facebook messages to please do it again.

The reason we did the seminar is that if you’re like most people we meet, you’ve had a dream about living a life that honors who you are and what you want to create in this life (including a great income and the ability to ‘pay it forward’).

So you’ve got the vision and you’re putting in the hard work and blood, sweat and tears, but at the end of the day you’re left wondering where the results are that you were hoping for.

We meet so many people who’ve watched the movie “The Secret” and who’ve read lots of inspirational quotes about the Law of Attraction, but who haven’t been able to translate that into making the money they deserve.  They’re left with the question:

“If the Law of Attraction really works, where’s my abundance?”

Our seminar was created to address that exact question, and some of the results our attendees gained were quite literally life-changing.

Success Memo #37


We wanted to share some of the ‘aha’ moments with you, and also let you know about our upcoming online seminar: ‘How to Use What You Already Know to Get Your Best Results Ever (in Your Business and Your Life)!’


“I started to apply the correct thoughts and it’s working! It’s all coming together in my business and even helping at home with my family!”


“The seminar was fabulous – I realized exactly where a limiting belief comes from and how to ‘flip it’!”


“There were lots of ‘aha’ moments for me as I realized more than ever how I’ve been limiting myself in every area of my life.”


  • Have you ever wished for something to happen and been really disappointed?
  • Imagine if your life became as magical as it was when you were a child.
  • What would life be like if you felt as if you knew how to apply the rules of the game?


There is no way we want you to miss this vital training call, because if you’re a good person, you DESERVE to have this information.  In fact, this could be the exact missing piece of the puzzle for you, and we want you to have it.

On the surveys, the value of this seminar was voted as priceless by our attendees.

We understand that money might just be an issue right now, so we will soon be charging $50 for this special teleseminar.

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We don’t mind if you send your friends this information.  They deserve to have abundance too, right?

Yours in love and success,

Mandy & Wayne