Nobody Fails Alone (so failure isn’t an option)

Do you enjoy seeing people suffer?  No?

Well now you know how I feel when I hear, “I don’t know if I can do that.”  “I don’t think I could make a 6 figure income.”  “I’m not good with marketing.”  “I hate selling.”  “I never seem to be able to get ahead.”  “I seem to keep getting in my own way.”  “Maybe being successful just isn’t my destiny.”

That just tears me up, because I have personally seen the proof of the fact that what you think is exactly what gets manifested!  With your thoughts you bring into being every moment of your life, and agreeing with limiting beliefs about yourself creates the perfect storm for failure.

Albert Einstein Quote

But an even more tragic outcome of buying into self-limiting beliefs is that nobody fails alone. Why?

Because when someone leaves the door open to the possibility of failure, they risk depriving themselves of all the help and love and assistance they could be giving to those who need them most – friends, clients, loved ones, and humanity.

The work that needs to be done to make this world a safe, healthy and abundant place to live can’t happen if some of us are sitting in the middle of “Why do I always seem to be struggling?” It’s a form of self-sabotage.  Can you think of someone who does this to themselves?  It’s heartbreaking to watch, isn’t it?

Try doing this instead:

  • Ignoring any limiting thoughts
  • Pouring your heart and soul into building your business
  • Getting your finances stabilized
  • Helping more people

. . . and freeing yourself from financial worries so that you can do what you were put here to do.  Because honestly – your future clients NEED you to be successful.

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Isn’t it better to take risks and go for your dreams than to play it safe and live a mediocre life?

Wayne and I want more for you than that.  Much, much more.

Yours in soul-centered success,

Mandy Wildman

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