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‘How to Get More Clients Using Social Media’

Using Social Media, Blogging, and Email to Increase Your Cash Flow

Do you need to know how to get money in your door fast using free social media, blogging and email marketing tools to build your business?  Yes?  Then please read on.

Are you a new business owner, solopreneur, healer, coach, or entrepreneur who needs to get in on this ‘social media revolution’ everyone is talking about?

Maybe you’ve tried to keep up with social media news and how it all works today (as opposed to a few months ago) and your head feels like it’s exploding with all the different ways you can use social media, blogging and email marketing in your business to reach more of your ideal clients.

Don’t worry – we’ve just recorded a brand new training call and today we’re going to give it to you as a gift – just fill out the info below and grab it quickly (and you can listen to it whenever/wherever you like!)

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If you’re stumped about how to build a large, responsive list of potential buyers then this free teleseminar is for YOU, because it’s all about how Social Media, Blogging, Email and Cash Flow are Connected and how you can find more leads in less time than ever before.  Leads who are great business prospects for you.

If you’re confused about how social media and blogging and everything else works together and how, in less than an hour a day, YOU can become part of the social media revolution, you are not alone.

Honestly, if you feel like a little kid when it comes to using social media to build your business, you’re definitely not alone – there are literally thousands of people who feel exactly the same way you do.  Don’t worry – we’ll help you understand how to connect social media, blogging and email so that you can generate more cash flow in your business.


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There are literally hundreds of social media sites out there, as well as thousands of blogs about Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, email marketing and blogging for profits.  But sometimes you can come away from those sites more confused than you were before you went there, right?

That’s why we’ve decided to open up one of our private training calls and let you listen in (for free) so you can get all your questions answered about how social media, blogging, and emails lists connect to cash flow, and re-direct your precious time and energy towards building your business and using social media in new ways to get more CASH IN THE DOOR!

If you think it’s all too hard and can’t be done then you’re probably right, but if you still believe it’s possible for you – yes, YOU – to have your perfect, profitable business, doing what you love, being who you are, and easily and frequently getting new clients, then you can’t allow yourself to miss this free tele-class.

The information we’re going to share in this call would normally be reserved just for our private coaching clients – but we’re feeling festive and we live to help struggling (but determined) small business owners learn how to use social media in new ways, make great business connections, and prosper.

This teleseminar (you can listen online or by phone) will be all about how to make social media, blogging and email marketing work TOGETHER in new ways to help you get more money in the door and more clients to work with!

  • What would your life be like if you knew exactly how to prospect for new clients using Facebook and other social media in new ways – without coming across as ‘salesy’?
  • How would it feel to understand how you can build your audience just by blogging about what you do and how you can help your ideal clients?
  • Would life look different if you knew exactly how to create emails that engage your ideal prospects and get them to take the next step towards working with you?

We are giving away the link to this call for a LIMITED TIME only on a first come, first served basis.  Are you ready to use social media in a new way to boost your profits?

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Next (and here’s the really fun part), when you sign up you’ll be able to actually email us with any questions you have.  We’ll do our best to answer your questions about how to use social media sites to reach more prospects and sign up more of your ideal clients.

We can’t wait to share our social media secrets with you – so many people (like yourself, probably) have questions about how Facebook, Twitter, blogging, and  email newsletters all tie together in one clever and complete marketing strategy.  Maybe you’re even a bit afraid of using social media to make new business connections.  Get ready to be surprised at how simple it seems once you have the information you need!

We could go on and on about why you should listen to this powerful teleseminar about how to get more clients using social media, and how in 2013 more business is going to be done using social media than ever before in history, but really – do you need to hear more?

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Look, even if you’re not sure when you might get a chance to listen to this call, the information it contains about how social media, blogging and email marketing all work together to help get new leads and cash pouring into your business is just too important to miss.

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We can’t wait to ‘see’ you on the call – this information could (and should) change the way you do business for ever!

Yours in soul-centered success,

Mandy & Wayne

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