Business Coaching Testimonials

Kinds words from some of the amazing entrepreneurs I’ve had the pleasure of working with.

“About a year ago I had an intuitive strategy session with Mandy Wildman and it was Testimonialso inspiring! I told her what I wanted and very soon after our session things began falling into place. At the time I had no idea how in the world I would be able to do my passion for a living. But by being aware of what I wanted and where I wanted to be and then letting as many of my friends, family and people I met know about it, it soon became obvious that I was on the path to my dreams! Now, a year later, I just found out that my display of painted furniture and household items won first prize in a Visual Merchandising Display Contest in an upscale shopping mall in Asheville, NC. I really hope this encourages YOU to go after your dreams – because it is an amazing feeling when your dreams come true!” Elizabeth Colvin, Shabby Paints artist.


Candace Chira“The information you shared on the call the other day really helped me! Now whenever I have a problem I say to myself, ‘I’m open to receiving miracles’ and it seems like I get a miracle in response every time! No joke.

I had another miracle happen recently. I was sending out some Facebook messages and I was getting all ‘nos’. I was ready to get a little upset and then I said to myself, ‘No – I’m open to receiving miracles.’ The next thing I know someone I had messaged (whom I don’t even know) told me that he had created a page for the people in his group to buy my service package and he’s giving it to them as a bonus!

And Mandy you’re not going to believe what just happened! While we were chatting here on Facebook I had one of my customers just message me right next to you in the chat box and he says he wants to book 10 more hours with me! Wow – totally amazing results!” Candace Chira, Marketing With Candace.


The most recent session I had with Mandy really opened Linda Neffmy eyes.  She first connected with Spirit to actually clear up some things I mentioned that were bothering me. Mandy began conversing with her spiritual mentors (Xara & Friends) and they really helped me process these feelings. I was amazed at how ON TARGET they were.Then, what really astounded me was that they asked if I would like to connect with my personal spiritual guides.  I have always wanted to do this! Mandy explained how helpful talking to your ‘spiritual support team’ can be when you are wanting to get answers, be led to possibilities of where to go to find business, and how to manifest whatever you want!Since I had that Spirit Guide Connection Session with Mandy,  my Spirit Guide has already motivated me to reach out and visit more places to present my work which is resulting in some fascinating connections to expand my business.  And this is just ONE DAY after my session with Mandy!  I am just so excited to develop powerful and beautiful relationships rest of my spiritual support team.   Thank you Mandy and welcome Spirits! Linda Neff, Reiki Healer


Emily Long - Love Through LossWorking with Mandy was amazing! I already had a pretty clear vision of my business and Mandy helped me break down the exact steps I needed to take to make my vision a reality.

After our Shooting Star VIP Coaching Day, I know exactly what I need to do to move forward and expand my dream. Mandy’s enthusiasm and confidence is infectious! I am clear, excited, and ready to do the work I love!” Emily Long, Grief Counselor, Love Through Loss.


I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mandy and Steve GarvinWayne with Monetize Your Vision in their VIP coaching program for a couple months now, and the experience has been terrific.
In the past, I’ve gotten stuck in getting my business ideas to reality quickly. Since the first meeting with Mandy, I’ve gained clarity on what I’m trying to accomplish, which is a business that is aligned with my purpose, vision and values. It’s a totally different experience working with a solid coach who supports me all the way.
Mandy and Wayne provide valuable information through all the teleclasses, webinars, emails, Facebook posts, and one-on-one phone coaching calls they provide. Mandy always responds quickly to all the inquiries I send about the struggles/concerns I’m having with my business. I’m making progress and re-discovering who I am and how I can help people uncage their creativity and it feels great.” Steve Garvin, Uncage Your Creativity.


Successful Juice Plus Team LeaderAs I contemplate my great day today, I realize I’ve been having many great days. I’ve been open and sharing with a product I know to be so beneficial to others, where before I was guarded and defensive. I make phone calls and rejection is just rolling off my shoulders. It’s none of my business what others think of me, as Mandy says.

I am holding Wellness Presentations on a regular basis, as Mandy has encouraged me to do, and I am truly enjoying these. This is a surprise since it means I have to speak in front of an audience, which used to terrify me.

My new team members and I are working on building our mailing lists and I am working on creating my first newsletter with Mandy and Wayne’s help. I’m having trouble containing my excitement, I feel so full. What else can I say? The world appears exciting and new!” Claudia Ring, Juice Plus ‘Ring’ Leader.


After my first phone call with Mandy I knew I had to Dawn Chitwoodwork with her. Having owned two businesses prior to my current company, I recognized that I was always in business survival mode. My self-limiting beliefs about the value of my work has always kept me from being truly successful.
As a solopreneur, confidence and accountability have been two of my biggest challenges, and having worked with Mandy for a short period of time, already I feel as though the ceiling is being removed. She has been able to provide me with clear focus on important areas to work on using a specific plan of action while at the same time giving me the boost that I need to stay inspired.
I can’t express enough how strongly I feel that having the right person supporting you in business can not only give you the cutting edge business tactics and clear, attainable goals, but also the self affirmation that can really push you to reach your highest potential. I am enthusiastically optimistic about the great successes that lie before me, and I owe much of this to Mandy and Wayne!” Dawn Chitwood, Asheville Marketing Solutions.

PannavatiI knew when I created a non-profit social enterprise with so many unknowns and challenges that I was going to need somebody to help me. Mandy has been an incredible asset to me in being able to brainstorm ideas and to keep from making some very serious business miss-steps.

I am so grateful to have someone on my side who is tough enough to say ‘Wait a minute – I don’t think you should do that.”Venerable Dr. Pannavati, Recipient of Outstanding Women in Buddhism Award,

“Mandy and Wayne, I just want to thank you for all youJulia Gauntr support and hanging in with me when I struggle at times with breaking through my limiting beliefs about what I am capable of in this business.  I am determined and I do really believe in this beautiful service I offer.

I have communicated much frustration your way and each time you rise to the challenge and give me the awareness that I can also rise to the challenge.  I appreciate your listening through my pain, not taking it personally  and creating solutions not only for me but for all of us to work with.  I am actually excited to go on and move forward once again!”  Julia Gaunt, Asheville White Dove Releases

“I am well recognized in my field and doing good work in the world, but have never made as much money as I should. After my first session with Mandy I felt excited that I could immediately make a lot more money in the next thirty days. I felt a lot more focused and had a plan I knew I could do.

Mandy helped me see how valuable my work really is and how to put it together in ways that could be sold for more money. One simple step was simply to raise my prices, which I hadn’t had the courage to do. Mandy could SEE the money in my business, and helped me see it too. My future looks a lot brighter now!” Debra Lynn Dadd, Author of Toxic

“I’m hitting the ground running – I wouldn’t have it anyEve Haslam2other way – and my first coaching session with Mandy was out of the park!! Two and a half hours of chiseling out ME – we’ve just fast-forwarded my dream into the next timezone!

Mandy has a rare and unique skill for immersing into who you are, what you need, and the actions to follow. The best investment I’ve made in my million-dollar business. I’m ‘HOLY-CRAP’ THRILLED!!!” Eve Haslam, Jazz Singer and Business Consultant

“I discovered Mandy on LinkedIn and had an initial phone conversation with her. I honestly was not expecting anything more than a nice, touch-base call between two coaches, but I was incredibly impressed with her knowledge and expertise in the area of turning what you love to do into a profitable business. 

In just a short call, I learned so much about what I could and should be doing in my business. Then she honored me by inviting me to give a LinkedIn teleseminar to her client base which was perfectly arranged. I recommend Mandy strongly to anyone who is looking for a highly articulate and experienced business coach.” Dan Sherman,

“I had been struggling for over two years to make a decent living with my business. I was in a rut, but didn’t know what to do about it. Then I attended the Monetize Your Vision business retreat hosted by Mandy and Wayne, and everything changed!

Now, several months later, I have changed my business name and re-launched with a new vision, and a new attitude! All thanks to Mandy’s encouragement, coaching and wise marketing tips. I really needed a website, and Wayne and Mandy have created an amazing online presence for me.

I have finally realized the value of my skills & experience to the business community and have given myself a healthy raise, and just this past week I have gotten three new clients!  I feel prosperous! Thank you, Mandy and Wayne for your coaching and encouragement, and for sharing the tools to help me create the business I’ve always dreamed of!” -Debbie Schults, Your Organizing Diva!

Michelle George“Since I have been coaching with Wayne and Mandy, I have gone from a business that I was not really thrilled with, to the business and lifestyle of my dreams!  My bed and breakfast is nearly booked solid until the end of November! All this in just 5 months!

Words cannot express how thankful I am that you are in my life at this time to help me make the leap I’ve always wanted to make. I now feel it’s possible to do my passion and get paid to be ME!” Michelle George, Dancing Farm Retreat

Layna Gifford“When I felt like I had no direction in my business, Mandy and Wayne came to the rescue.  I had been struggling to pinpoint specific marketing avenues and revenue sources.  Mandy and Wayne helped give me clarity and direction.  They also helped me think “outside the box” to realize a less-cost / more-revenue tweaking of my business strategy.  I am truly thankful for all that Mandy and Wayne have done to help my business grow!” Layna Gifford,

“I hit a hiccup in my writing career where I had wrapped up three major projects and needed new clients. My primary lead source dried up and I wasn’t sure what to do. I called Mandy. She immediately gave me some excellent advice that I could implement that day. Having her fresh and experienced eyes on my situation was just the boost I needed.

Within a month I was back on top with two dozen client prospects knocking at my door. She helped me shift my thinking so that I could become more successful and expand my business in a new direction. Mandy is my coach for life!” Laura Sherman, Author and Friendly Ghost Writer

“Mandy is a very insightful career coach. She listens, really listens, to what you say. But just as importantly, she hears what you are not saying. Mandy sees where you are in your present career and gives you the tools to get to where you really want to be!” Anita Powell, ESL Coach Anita’s Easy English.

“Working with Mandy Wildman is such an effortless and graceful process. Her knowledge, attention to detail and supportive nature show through during each interaction. Her open and friendly manner make it easy to laugh and smile when trying to understand the cyber realm. After one session with Mandy, “WordPress” is my friend.

Each time I have reached out to her for assistance she responds within 24 hours (usually sooner) and that quality alone is pure gold. I recommend her to my friends whenever I can.” Lorri Gifford, Readings With Lorri

“Mandy is a tremendous listener – she has the ability to hear the story behind the words you are saying and can spot what’s not being said. She creates an environment that feels safe and encourages you to dream bigger than you ever thought possible…and then turns around and guides you through the stages of implementation, execution and tangible results.

Mandy, thank you for keeping my dreams (and spirit) alive while moving me toward the realization of my personal, professional and financial goals!” Jamie Kizer-Brown, Mothers and Daughters in Business

“Until I got connected with Mandy Wildman and Wayne Porter of  Connect Up Marketing, I was spinning my wheels and frustrated.  I needed a website but what I got was so much more!

They have helped me with networking, marketing ideas and planning, blog and newsletter development and most importantly they are so enthusiastic and sincerely want me to succeed. Thanks, Mandy and Wayne.” Rose Schilling-Motter, Certified Natural Therapies Practitioner