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Does Your Website Represent who YOU are?

I hate to say this, but it makes me cringe when I visit someone’s website – especially someone I know – and their site is just – well – a mess. Lackluster, confusing, or one of those ugly “do-it-yourself in-one-night” sites. It’s awkward for me…

Does your website say who YOU are?

Sometimes when I mention to someone that I have been designing websites for over 15 years they say something like, “Oh, don’t look at my website!” or “I have a website but I hate it!” Pretty much  all businesses today need a website, but a poor website can…

10 Tips for Choosing an Awesome Domain Name

Previously we talked about which version of WordPress (.com or .org) is best for entrepreneurs. Now that you’ve chosen the platform for your new blog, let’s talk a little about how to choose the best domain name. Your domain name is a pretty important thing….