Secret Strategy Biz Booster Package

 Unsure of which direction to take in your business?

Need guidance with your marketing strategies?

Ready to ATTRACT the prosperity you deserve?

Intuitive Business Coaching by Mandy Wildman

The Secret Strategy Biz Booster Package will get you on the right track!

Are you ready to get a new injection of energy, strategy and direction your business? Are you a self-starter who can implement what you learn to create a fulfilling, delicious business?

Hi, I’m Mandy Wildman and I’m absolutely crazy passionate about sharing my knowledge and expertise with spiritual entrepreneurs who are ready, willing, and able to craft the exact steps they need to create more success and prosperity in their life and business.

As a certified Infinite Possibilities coach and an intuitive business coach I take into account the whole picture of who you are and the unique gifts and talents you have to offer.

Known as “The Slightly Psychic Business Coach” I’ve been so fortunate to have been personally helping spirit-led solopreneurs take their business to the next level for over 15 years. I apply Law of Attraction and spiritual principles in my business coaching work so that you get the benefit of having all aspects of your business analysed, loved and cared about.

My gift is the ability to look at the big picture of your business and uncover the specific actions needed to increase your profits, create additional revenue streams and make your marketing more effective. We’ll also get into crafting simple strategies you can implement in your business so that you’ll spend less time worrying about whether you’re doing the right actions and more time getting paid to do what you love and serve your clients in your own unique way.

The one-on-one mentoring session that you’ll get with this package can open up those avenues for prosperity, joy and fulfillment that you’ve been dreaming of but have seemed illusive.

Glamper illustration by Mandy Wildman

And the one-year group mentoring program you’ll get with it will give you the support, strategy, spirit and success – along with the community – that you’ve been wanting and needing.

What You’ll Get with the Secret Strategy Biz Booster Package

1. A Pre-session Mastermind Questionnaire that will help us see where you are now in your business and where you want to go.

Once you’ve registered, you will recieve a simple questionnaire to complete. This way Mandy can focus on exactly what YOU need during your session, as well as evaluate your business, website, current marketing strategies, product and service offerings, and anything else that’s important to know.

2. Your two-hour, one-on-one Secret Strategy Mastermind Session with Mandy

During this session over the phone (or in person in Waynesville, NC) my focus will be completely on masterminding exactly what YOU need to move your business to the next level. I’ll be able to see things that you may not be able to see, answer questions and suggest business strategies that are vital to your business growth. I’ll also give you simple steps, resources and tools to implement which will make a difference to your business profits as well as to how you feel moving forward as a spiritual business owner who is on the path to success.

3. Audio Recording of your Session:

Even though it’s a good idea for you to take plenty of notes, it’s often easier if you can just listen to it all again later when you’ve had time to digest what you’ve learned. Right after your session you’ll have access to the complete mp3 audio recording of your session(s). This is yours to listen to again so that you don’t miss any of the pieces what needs to be done to create more profits – and more fun – in your business. If you choose to do an in-person session, there will be no recording available.

4. A 12-month membership in our Out-Of-This-World Solopreneur Success Circle 12 month mentoring program – absolutely free. This program contains business tools, courses, training, videos and 24/7 support, valued at over $2,500. All this materials is is yours free with the Secret Strategy Business Booster package.

5. After-Session Support from Mandy:

The main difference between me and other mentoring and coaching offers I’ve seen over the years is the additional support I provide. I know what it’s like to get a new idea, strategy, or tip, start to apply it and then get stuck, or have a new question pop up with no one to answer it.  So I’m there for you via email for 4 weeks following your private coaching session to answer any question you may have. We can also do a 30 minute follow-up session by phone within 30 days of our first session, just to make sure you are on the right track.

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Once paid for, your Secret Strategy Mastermind Session with Mandy can be used at any time during the following three months. Time slots are limited so it’s a good idea to book your session in advance so that you can get started on your business transformation right away.

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How To Get Started

Once payment has been made we’ll contact you to schedule your session and have you complete a pre-session Business Assessment Questionnaire so that your coaching time is maximized.

We’ll call you at the pre-arranged time and will be there to support, mastermind, strategize, plan, brainstorm and help you break through any barriers and boost your business to the next level.  During our two hours together I will answer any questions you have about your business, or share what I’ve done in my business that has made it such a profitable source of joy and fulfillment for me.

Are you ready to step into your spiritual business with confidence, clarity and the certainty that you’re going to make it?

Are you ready to say YES to helping more people and share your unique gifts and talents with the world?

So let’s do it. Let’s book your session now – because there are people out there who need your help and are waiting to hear your message.

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GOLDEN GUARANTEE: If Mandy feels that she is not the right person to support you and your goals, your money will be refunded prior to scheduling a session or being added as a member of the Solopreneur Success Circle.

After your business strategy mastermind session has been delivered to you and you have had access to all the downloadable training materials in the Solopreneur Success Circle there are no refunds.