Mandy’s Magic Money Formula

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Are you in a bit of a cash crunch? Are you ready to attract some money fast? Listen to this ground-breaking (and uplifting) free audio training call:

Mandy’s Magic Money Formula: Turning Panic Into Prosperity

Money worries?

The three biggest mistakes broke people make:

1) They let things slide until the bills have piled up and there’s not enough money to pay them all.

2) They realized they’ve let things slide, and they panic and do nothing (the worst thing to do).

3) They are afraid or embarrassed to ask for help so they suffer in silent anguish and the problem gets worse.

How do I know this?  I’ve been there! That’s why I’m HAPPY to share my magic formula for generating fast cash – I know How it feels!

On this call I show you plenty of different ways you can create cash when you need it, and then I’ll explain how to stay OUT of any cash crunches in the future!

What is it?  It’s a one-hour live tele-class chock full of our inside tips and tricks for attracting money really, really fast when there’s a cash flow crunch!  These are the things Wayne and Mandy have done to generate immediate cash when they’ve needed it, and continue to do to this day.

Who is it for? Anyone who is going through a cash crunch right now or feeling un-abundant in the money department and is ready to do something about it.

Why should I make a point to be on the call? This free teleclass will change the way you think about money, prosperity, lack, and abundance.  Especially lack.  And abundance.

How much is it?  Okay, one more time: this is for people who are feeling kind of broke and like they can’t really afford stuff right now.  So it’s free.

So it’s free? Yes, for now.  Later, we’ll sell it.  But you can listen for free if you sign up now.  So don’t snooze.

How can you afford to do this?  Listen to the call and you’ll find out.

When is it?  Now. Go get it.

How do I get on the call?  Easy – sign up below and we’ll send you the link to listen online where you can also download the .mp3 to keep forever – woohoo!

And it’s really free?  Yes.  Free as a bird.  Because maybe you don’t need it right now, but someday you might.

Get access to Mandy’s Magic Money Formula (+ a nifty Gift)

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P.S. I share a really big and cool tip near the end of the call, so make sure you listen in and claim all the juicy ‘how to’ goodies.