S.T.A.R. Reconnection Day


Is it time to spread your wings? Is it time to actually hear, see and sense the signals, clues and messages that you’re being given?

If you’ve been resisting the truth about who you really are, I have news for you. You are absolutely not alone. I played that no-win game for years.

Clues? Naa, just coincidences. Messages? For someone else, maybe. Signs? Don’t have time to decode ’em.

Have you been doing this to yourself? Come on, you can admit it – because I’ve been there (Denial Land). I ignored messages, squished my own realities and cut off clues and signs before they could take hold and “out” me as the S.T.A.R. that I am (Spiritual Trailblazer and Abundance Reconnector).

My years as a business and marketing consultant taught me how to tell my clients the truth. The (loving) truth about how they were sabotaging their own success by not fearlessly sharing who they are with the world.

And then my non-physical mentors came along (in the form of Xara & Friends) and the tables were turned 360 degrees!

I was (lovingly) instructed to spread my wings – and I am passing that message on to YOU.

Purple Goddess

I now know that helping the gifted embrace their brilliance and accept their spiritual heritage is my absolute purpose in this life. And I want that same level of certainty, joy and fulfillment for you. Because – whether you are aware of it or not – you are a brilliant, gifted, spiritual being.

In honor of the reawakening of Spring I am offering a rare opportunity to spend the day working on YOU. Your business. Your authentic ‘Why’. Your next BIG level-jump. And the powerful voicing you’ll need to make yourself heard.

For a limited time only I am happy to be able to offer a Spiritual Trailblazing and Abundance Reconnection (S.T.A.R.) Virtual VIP Coaching Day with me and of course, my higher realm mentors (whom I call Xara & Friends).

When we spend our virtual day together, you’ll get:

  • 5 one-hour phone coaching/mentoring sessions. (Don’t worry – we’ll take breaks in-between!)
  • The mp3 recordings of all five of our sessions for you to listen to again and again so you don’t miss a thing.
  • The opportunity to connect deeply with Spirit as they answer your questions about your purpose, your power and your birthright to profitability and abundance.
  • The space, time and personalized information you need to restructure and reboot your business (and your life!) to be exactly the way you want – on your terms.
  • The chance to uncover (and polish) those gifts, skills, talents and magical powers you’ve been hiding from the world (can you feel them wanting to come out?).
  • Answers to everything you’ve ever wanted to ask about life, business, Spirit, and YOU, and how they are so beautifully intertwined to create your perfect path of creativity and joy.

In the past I’ve had to charge multiple thousands of dollars for this kind of time and expertise commitment to a single client, but today is different. Today I am listening to Xara and Friends, and they’re urging me to reach out to you with an irresistible offer so that we can spend a day together re-engineering everything to reflect the imperfect perfection that is YOU.

goddess flower

Today you can book a Spiritual Trailblazing and Abundance Reconnection (S.T.A.R.) Virtual VIP Coaching Day with me (and my friends) for under $1,000!

No, that’s not a typo.

And – (if it works better for you) – you can even make payments.

Our goal will be for you to earn more than that amount within four to six weeks of our day together. Doing what you love. On your terms. Finally.

If this sound like something you’d love to invest in then you should make it a priority. Why? Because investing in YOU should always be a priority.

When you FEEL GOOD you make more money and life’s magic kicks in in a BIG way so that you can embrace your entrepreneurial success and spiritual abundance more fully than you ever thought possible.

I’m thrilled to be able to make his is a once-only offer.  Life has been good to us recently. But alas, due to scheduling commitments I have just 5 spots available at this time.

So if you’re ready for a big boost of spiritual trailblazing and abundance reconnection you need to jump on this now.

To set up a call to find out more or apply for a spot just email me with the words STAR Day in the subject line.  We’ll let providence and Spirit guide us from there.

If we do decide to work together I can’t wait to see what happens as a result of your very own S.T.A.R. Day!

Yours always,

Mandy Wildman


P.S. I just want to share with you that I am so filled with awe at the love, support and magical assistance Wayne and I and our clients have been receiving from our ‘higher realm mentors’ aka Xara & Friends in recent months. I can’t wait for you to experience this level of support for yourself.

P.P.S. (Right now my Spirit friends are tapping me on the shoulder saying, “There’s nobody who cannot afford to do this – but plenty who can’t afford not to!”) Email me to reserve your spot.