Web Design Testimonials

Web Design Testimonials From Our Clients

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Web Design Services

“I am getting a lot of great feedback on my new website.  Twitter is going like mad and people are tweeting my site to their followers on their own!” Laura Sherman, The Friendly Ghost Writer

“I LOVE it – The website redesign you did for me is easy and flowing with soft, North Carolina style colors, informative, and not all crowded onto one page. The customers can go where they want to go with each tab to find the information they need. Great Job!” Jay Maya, A1 Illuminations Exterior Lighting Company

“I’m really, really happy with all we’ve done, Mandy!  Thank you for your never-ending patience, suggestions, advice, and design expertise and implementation skills!” Barb Burless, Space Spiffing Interior Design

“I don’t just like the website – I LOVE it!!!”

“Mandy – It’s beautiful!  I love the site – it’s exactly what I wanted!”

“Okay, I love it!  Kudos to your design team – fantastic job!”

“Mandy, you did a wonderful job!  I love the soft, “paper-torn” look of the frames around the pictures, and I love the easy flow of everything….each individual project on a separate section….so easy to view and read!!!”

“Wow – you made me look great! Mandy, you rock!”

“The doctor LOVED his new website – very well done!”

“The new lead-generation website does everything I wanted it to do – thank you!”

“Your designs are beautiful and unique, I had no idea I could have something like this.”

“The site looks good and comes up right away.”

Book Marketing

“Mandy and Wayne created a beautiful 160 page e-book for me.  Then they made a sales page on my website where people could buy it.  In less than a week, with no mass promotion as yet, 13 books have sold at $12.95 each.  This is a very exciting start to my book launch.”  Dr. J. D. Decuypere, Nutrient Charts E-Book

 Social Media Marketing

“You guys are dynamos. Really cool to have attracted such professionalism, and ‘get it done’ kind of people.”

“Almost 2,000 Twitter followers in two weeks? Is that some kind of a record? I’m impressed!”

“We are delighted, absolutely delighted, to be connected up with you guys and I just think wonderful things are already happening but more will be happening on a grander scale. So thank you so much.”

Writing Services

“The book you edited for me is so great – thank you so much! It has so much information and it is simple and entertaining and very easy reading.  Great job!” Flavia Kreis, C.N.C. Author of What’s Threatening My Health?

“Mandy, I soooo enjoy your enthusiasm for this project, your incredible level of understanding of the materials and what is needed and wanted, and the quality of the product being produced. It is a testament to your professionalism, and I love working with truly competent professionals. So refreshing!”

“I just wanted to say it was really awesome meeting with you yesterday and I can’t wait to collaborate further on the magazine and newsletter endeavors. I’m really excited to start using your newsletter program as an easy tool in creating quick, painless, professional-looking promo!”

 Newsletter Services

“Oh, wow! Your newsletter is gorgeous!”

“I am saving this as an example of a perfect newsletter – fun to read, informative and doesn’t hit you over the head with “sales.” You really knocked it out of the park.”

“I think you have put together a wonderful newsletter, and this looks like it will entice the kids to take up your coaching sessions.”

“Perfect! That is my response to your newsletter. Keep it up! Love it!”

“This is awesome!!! I just forwarded it to every one I have a email for in the area!”

“The more I see ‘The Road Back From Addiction’ letterhead, the more I just like it SO much!”

“Thank You SO MUCH for making this as easy as possible for us to get back into the newsletter game with such a new and improved image!!”