A Family Trip To Boone NC

We took a trip to Boone, NC last weekend to meet up with friends, catch up on some relaxation, do a little geo-caching with the kids and take in some of the stunning scenery.


The Porter kids – 2013


The kids were excited.  This is the kids being excited.  And tolerating each other.  (The parents were excited about this part).


Hidden Valley Motel, Boone NC
Hidden Valley Motel, Boone NC

We stayed at what is now one of my favorite places in the world – The Hidden Valley Motel.  Owners Jim and Maxine, who do everything themselves, made us feel right at home, but when we saw that garden we thought we might have died and gone to heaven!

Bee kissing sunflower

I grabbed this before I managed to annoy the bee too much.  (I don’t like being watched eating either.)


Trumpets on gazebo

This gazebo was ancient  – being held up by the vine!

Birdhouse in Boone, NC
Birdhouse in Boone, NC

There’s always room for one more at this bird motel.

Crocosmic Experience, Boone, NC
Crocosmic Experience, Boone, NC

The crocosmia were an almost electric red.

Field of Dreams, Boone NC
Field of Dreams, Boone NC

We argued over the camera as we took shot after shot of this amazing garden.


Lots of Phlox, Boone NC

The phlox were phabulous!


Lavender-colored flowers, Boone NC

And the beauty went on and on. (What are these called?)


Flotsam and Flowers, Boone NC

The cone flowers (Echinacea) made this old piece of wood look magical.


Wheels Through Time, Boone NC 2013

And just when we thought that this experience couldn’t get any more amazing. . .


Yellow bird, Boone NC
American Goldfinch, Boone NC

…this little beauty showed up and just posed for the camera.  Seriously?  Seriously.


Porter family at Linville Falls
Porter family at Linville Falls, August 2013


We are so grateful to be able to live our dream lifestyle while doing what we love.  It’s truly a blessing, and we want you to be able to have YOUR dream too.

It’s probably easier than you think and totally within your reach.

Hugs, Mandy Wildman (and Wayne and the kids say, “Hi!”)

P.S.  Grab a listen to this recording that Mandy made about how she changed her mind and changed her life, and how you can too.