Are you ready to bring ALL of you into your business?

Are You Ready to Bring ALL of You Into Your Business?

It probably didn’t escape your notice that something extraordinary happened – or started to happen – or continued to happen – in the later part of 2013.

Some are calling it ‘a shift in consciousness’, others an ‘energetic quickening’, a ‘planetary rebirth,’ and a ‘global transformation.’

Whatever you call it, the open expression of all things spiritual is gaining widespread acceptance, and last year as I was pondering this it came to my attention – through a series of extraordinary events – that I was not quite bringing all of myself into my work.

To cut a long story short, the Universe gave me a kick in the butt I richly deserved. As a result I’ve spent several months rethinking everything.

Along the way, it occurred to me that if that was happening to me it was most likely happening to a lot of other business owners out there.  There are probably thousands, or even tens of thousands, of hard-working individuals just like us who are holding themselves back from taking wing and embracing the true satisfaction (and monetary abundance) of what it means to be a fully-fledged, Spirit-led, Soul-centered, Conscious Entrepreneur.

You want to lead.  You want to step into your fullest Self.  But something’s holding you back.

If you’ve been hitting a wall in your business, feeling unfulfilled and sort of lost, or just feeling kind of “off,” we should talk.

If, no matter how much marketing you’re doing, you’re just not getting the results you were expecting and hoping for, we need to have a conversation.

Because I’m here to tell you (well, actually my Spirit friends are telling me to tell you) that it isn’t YOU – you aren’t doing anything wrong!

It’s just something in the way you’re NOT doing business, and when you discover what that is (and tweak it) things will start to change and the magic will start to flow again.

Look, I have really, really delved deeply into this topic, and I now clearly understand that while I’ve been using my personal intuitive ability in all the coaching and consulting work I’ve ever done, I’ve been really holding back on bringing my direct connection to Spirit into my business, which is who I really am.  And . . .

That. Ends. Today.

I’ve personally hit the ‘Reboot’ button on this whole question and I’m asking you to do the same.

So here goes.

Hi, I’m Mandy Wildman. I am an Intuitive Success Mentor, also known by many as ‘that slightly psychic business coach.’  I help soul-centered entrepreneurs spread their wings, embrace abundance and be who they REALLY are, 24/7.

As an expression of my desire to bring ALL of who-I-am into the work I do I would like to offer you a complimentary 10-minute Guided Reconnection To Abundance session.

During our time together we’ll focus on revealing some of the untapped abilities and gifts you may have that could make the difference between you being just another business owner or being the proud creator of an outrageously profitable source of joy and fulfillment.

So, my question is: Are you ready to start bringing ALL of you into your business in 2018?

If you said YES and you’d like to explore what that really looks like, go ahead book your complimentary 10-minute Guided Reconnection to Abundance session HERE.

(Sorry, I can only offer 11 spots right now due to time constraints so grab your spot now by sending an email.

I can’t wait to help you rediscover some of your true abilities. Speaking from personal experience it’s always a surprise and a relief when you get to peel back the veil on these hidden gifts.

May the Source be with you – always.


Mandy Wildman

P.S. After our session we’ll spend a few minutes discussing ways that you can make a BIGGER difference in your life and the lives of your clients.