Don’t Curb Your Enthusiasm!

Have you ever been told to curb your enthusiasm?  You’re all excited about something and then someone decides to appoint themselves as the happiness police and tells you to ‘tone it down a bit.’  Their reasoning is simply that you are coming across as too enthusiastic about your products/services.  To them, maybe.

Did you know that sheer enthusiasm will carry you through any downturn or obstacle, disappointment or challenge?  Enthusiasm is actually necessary to the survival of your business, and to the survival of YOU!

I have been told throughout my life, directly and indirectly, to curb my enthusiasm.   With disapproving looks, raised eyebrows, mocking smirks, rolling eyes, shaking heads, group ridicule, whispered comments, name-calling, and, by the braver souls – face to face.

“You’re too over the top, Mandy.  You need to dial it back – you need to curb your enthusiasm if you want to be successful.”  that one is particularly wicked because it is tied in to a lie, too.  See that?

Here’s another one: “People won’t buy your product or service because if you’re too excited about it they won’t believe it could be that good.”  Really?  Well that’s weird, because if someone is trying to share something with me and they’re NOT enthusiastic about it I immediately know a couple of things about them:

  1. They don’t believe in the product themselves – maybe it doesn’t work as well as the sales pitch says it does.
  2. There’s nothing wrong with the product, it’s just that they HATE doing what they’re doing – they’d much rather be doing something else, but they think they can’t.
  3. They are generally unhappy, and usually this points to something else going on in their life that they are currently unhappy about.  Maybe a lost loved one, or a sudden change in their circumstances that they are feeling sad or angry about.
  4. They are just one of THOSE people.  You know who I mean.  The self-appointed ruiners of everybody’s day – they actually get a kick out of it.  There is a very small percentage of those roaming loose on this planet and you would do well to make sure you can identify this kind of person and avoid them like the plague that they are.

I have a theory that man’s most natural state is enthusiasm.  That’s just a theory.  But that’s what I think and it’s the way I like to handle everything around me – business, family, clients, dancing, chores, bills, vacations, everything.  Life just goes better when you do it with enthusiasm!

Here’s the thing: if you are TOO enthusiastic for some people – too happy or whatever – are they really your client?  I mean, who are you willing to work with?

I had a lady accuse me one time of being “overly profuse.” This cracked me up.  She needed help promoting her vacation cabins – they weren’t renting and she wanted some marketing help.  She started out by criticized my husband, my email newsletters, and my general attitude.  She was determined to make me as unhappy as she was.

I eventually got off the phone and put her in the category of “Who do I want to work with?  Not her, that’s for sure.”  You’d never be able to make her happy with your products – it would always be your fault – nothing to do with her, see?  And the really funny part was that she was calling me for marketing help.  Have you ever heard of marketing that didn’t actually promote what was being marketed?  If I’d marketed like she thought I should she’d have had the result she was already complaining about – no people renting her vacation cabins!

And the answer to the objection that “you’ll put people off if you act too excited about what you offer” is “Well then, how should I be?  How do YOU (Mr. Conservative) think I should act?  Because if I have to be like you, a) I’ll die, and b) the whole thing would be a charade – I’d have to ACT calm, reserved and conservative in ALL my interactions with these alleged prospective clients, and where’s the fun in not being who you really are just to make a buck?”

How could that be an authentic or enjoyable way to conduct your business and your life?  Better just to realize that the prospects who would want you to be unenthusiastic are actually someone else’s prospects, so just go ahead and leave them on the side of your plate and continue looking for the clients who are right for you.

So should you be over-the-top enthusiastic about your products or services 24/7, even to complete strangers?  That’s a hard question to answer.  It works for me.

But okay, you may want to practice your answer to the “what do you do” question so that  you don’t come across as a babbling fool.  Just don’t memorize and recite it word for word in a rehearsed, sensible tone that you think might please the people in front of you.  I have observed both sides of this coin, and I will tell you this: expressing passion and excitement for what you are offering will win out every time over a perfectly rehearsed elevator speech delivered in a monotone.

So don’t shy away from being “overly profuse” about your products and services – I want you to share them with every drop of passion and enthusiasm you are feeling about them.  If you do you’ll always have people coming up to you wanting to know more, and those are the people you want to work with.

And if you don’t feel passionate and excited about what you do, then it’s probably time to change your profession and reinvent yourself. I really mean that. Get some coaching, do some heart-storming, and find out what makes you feel passionate and excited.  Then find a way to do that.

I am so excited to have shared this with you today!

Hugs, Mandy Wildman, Money Momentum Coach