Express your passion!

I realized today that when business owners and entrepreneurs share what they do with new prospects, they often stumble and struggle over what they are saying. They get a bit nervous – it’s natural.

But I have observed both sides of this coin, and I will tell you this: expressing passion and excitement for what you are offering will win out every time over a perfectly rehearsed elevator speech delivered in a monotone.

So don’t shy away from being “overly profuse” about your products and services – share them with the passion and enthusiasm you are feeling about them, and you’ll have people coming up to you wanting to know more.

And if you don’t feel passionate and excited about what you do, then it’s time to change your profession and reinvent yourself. And I really mean that. Get some coaching, do some soul-searching and find out what makes you feel passionate and excited – and find a way to do that.

I am so excited to have shared this with you today!

Mandy Wildman 🙂