Gratitude Rocks. Really.

Or, How To Be Grateful For the Tough Stuff

Gratitude has become a big subject in recent years.  I’m reading the book ‘The Magic’ by Rhonda Byrne, and she is such a brilliant being, she really is.  So generous with the truth about how to have anything your heart desires, just by knowing how to be grateful.

There’s an art to gratitude, and Wallace Wattles explained in his book, The Science of Getting Rich (which you can download for free right here.  But you have to read it.  That’s the condition of downloading it.  You have to read it.)

Just a few years ago gratitude was a completely foreign concept to me.  I mean, I was so angry about everything – the economy, how our income had just dried up to virtually nothing, and the fact that the kids were little and I was so overwhelmed, and that we had to move out of our house, and on and on – I couldn’t have been grateful for a sunny day if it had slapped me in the face.  I wish it had – I needed a slap in the face at that time.

If something good DID happen, I was so angry with everything else that I would just be sarcastic about it. “Finally, something went right!  It’s about time!” Or “Well I’ve been working hard enough, something SHOULD go my way for a change!”

So when I finally got my head on right (because Wayne finally gave me the slap I deserved) I decided, “Fine!  I’ll give it a try.  Being grateful for everything I have, and also stuff I don’t yet have.  I’ll try it for a while and I’ll see if it works!”

Now this was not a good attitude to start out with, and in retrospect I’m shocked that it worked.  But it did.  Little things became easier.  Business started improving.  I started feeling pretty good about things.  And the better I felt the more clients we got and the more clients we got, the better I felt.

I started being really grateful.  I mean grateful for real.  And I realized that if you’re grateful for what you will have in the future (a VERY difficult concept for me to wrap my mind around at first) then you do in fact get it.  You get exactly what you want.  If you’re grateful enough.  It’s amazing!

So I’ve retrained myself to thinks in terms of gratitude for the good stuff rather than how difficult everything seems to be.  I’ve gotten pretty good at it, but reading the book The Magic has given me the last little piece I needed to become a gratitude expert.  I mean, a screaming genius on the subject of gratitude.

It’s this:  Being grateful for the good things is a piece of cake.  I mean, there’s not much to it.  Just be grateful for the beautiful spring day, or the fact that you just got a new puppy, or a new baby or you got a raise or whatever.  But what happens when things don’t go well.  Something happens that is not good, in your opinion.

It rains on your big day, your car breaks down on the way to work, your top team player quits to become your top competitor, your partner gets chickenpox while you’re on vacation in China and you’re both confined to your hotel room for a week.

So these are things that are not generally considered good – why would you celebrate them?  How could you celebrate them?  Well, it’s certainly not easy – that’s why this is the advanced gratitude course.

The principle behind it is if you are grateful for what you have, you will attract more of what you want.  And if you’re grateful for what you will have in the future, then from experience I can tell you, you will get it (if you’re grateful enough).

So, to use our examples, if it rains on your wedding day, you could appreciate the fact that your partner has a great sense of humor and oh, you look pretty spanking in a wet wedding gown.  The photos will be memorable.  If your car breaks down on the way to work maybe a wonderful person will come by and help you and you’ll become great friends. Or maybe they’ll offer you a better job.

If you find that you accidentally trained your competitor, take it as a sign that you need to rethink your strategies and surge forward – bigger and better.  And come on, if you and your partner are confined to a hotel room with chickenpox in China there’s got to be a book in there somewhere (and hey – the time to write it!)  At least a comedy routine.

So that’s all I’m saying,.  It’s easy to be grateful for the good stuff.  If you want to become a grand master at gratitude (and I highly recommend it) you’re going to need to get creative about how to turn limes into Key Lime pie.  Then go about your business and just watch what happens.

Ever heard of gratitude rocks?  I wondered about that for a while.  I mean really, gratitude rocks?  What is that all about?

But then I realized – it’s because it’s true.

So go find some people and things and situations to be grateful for – the more the better.  Then email me and let me know what happened.

I’m Mandy Wildman and I’m your Money Momentum Coach and I can tell you from experience that gratitude rocks. Really.