An Urgent Message to Goddesses & Game-Changers from Xara & Friends

This workshop and Q&A with Xara and Friends was received by Mandy and delivered spontaneously at the Asheville Entrepreneurial Event on May 10, 2014 with absolutely no outline, rehearsal or planned outcome. (If you know Mandy you know that this is the complete opposite of how she normally teaches.  PowerPoints, scripts, handouts, and micro-planning are all part of her usual workshop style!)

The resulting presentation contained material that amazed everyone who saw it.  Even Mandy was stunned by the message as she watched the video recording later.

The presentation is centered around why entrepreneurs and small business owners are so vital to the revitalization and upliftment of our society, as our focus shifts away from working for large corporations and towards creating purpose-driven businesses that allow us to use our spirit-centered gifts and express who-we-really-are.

Here is the full, uncut version of the workshop, which Xara & Friends call “An Urgent Message to Goddesses & Game-Changers.”  


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