Interview: How a near death accident changed her life

As Tammy Coffee calmly described how the car she was traveling in flew through the air and hit a tree, landing on her and then bursting into flames, I got chills. How could anyone have survived such a devastating accident in the first place, never mind walking out of the crushed vehicle and into the ambulance by herself in front of slack-jawed emergency responders?  It had to be a miracle.

Tammy Scheyer


Spiritual Healer Tammy Coffee is – to say the least – an extraordinary woman.  And you need to hear her story, because she’ll help you understand that with a little help and a lot of trust you could do exactly the same thing and survive like she did.

To find out what happened at the hospital that made the doctors want to run for cover, listen to this interview I did with Tammy and learn the naked truth about what’s really possible.



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Mandy Wildman