How Does Manifesting Relate To Trusting the Universe?

Here’s today’s message from my spirit guides, Xara & Friends:

“If all you had to do was ask, trust and allow, you would be here with us in the non-physical. You chose a physical lifetime on Earth to embrace the challenge of working with the currency of money (and other physical things) rather than the currency of Spirit, which of course is Love.

We want to encourage you to yes – ASK for what you want – but then take the inspired action steps that will assist the Universe in recognizing that you actually WANT that which you desire. So what we are saying is that there is always going to be a physical aspect to living a physical existence, and therefore the answer to your question in a nutshell is, Ask, Act, and Allow.

In other words, manifest joyously while at the same time allowing the fact that the outcomes you experience are the response of the Universe to your actions AND your thought vibrations. And choose your thoughts wisely.  We hope this helps.”

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