I can’t decide what to do next!

How many times a week (or a day) do you feel completely overwhelmed and confused about what the heck to do next?

When you own your own business it seems like there are a bazillion things every day that you are SUPPOSED to be doing (hate that word – ‘supposed’ – ugh!)

But which one is the most important?  Which will get the best result?  Which one will come back and bite you in the a** if you don’t do it?

It’s all about decision making.  Life (and business) is a series of decisions.  Where most people get stuck is: “What if I make the wrong decision?”  This hangs them up in a constant state of indecision, which is really a form of self-sabotage (and torture!)


There is an answer.  It’s a formula I use whenever I need to make a decision.

  1. I consider the options and choose one based on how I feel.  I look for the option that  makes me feel good – excited or relieved – and I do that.
  2. What are my motivations?  I check to make sure I choose the option that works for the highest good – including my own.  (Yes, you are ‘people’ too!)
  3. I detach from the outcome – if I’m having trouble making a decision it is usually because I am attached to the outcome and I don’t want to be responsible for making a ‘wrong’ decision.  So I spot the outcome I am attached to and just let it go, knowing that whatever happens it will turn out fine in the end, and if it doesn’t I will most likely have learned a valuable lesson.

This is how I make decisions and release myself from the torment caused by taking waaaay too long to make a decision.

Indecision will literally kill your business (and destroy your peace of mind).  Taking more than just a few moments to make a decision will literally hold you back from being the roaring success you deserve to be.

Love, Mandy

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