Is Your Past Conspiring Against You?

Is Your Past Conspiring Against You?

Do you ever feel like things that happened a long time ago may be holding you back? Well, the answer is: Only if you let them.

The only one who holds you back is you. And you do this with your thoughts.

If something happened to you that you didn’t like you may have reacted with an angry or negative thought.

For example: you’re playing a game and trying to kick a ball or grab all the jacks or take your opponent’s queen. Maybe you missed the kick or dropped a few jacks or got your queen taken instead. Maybe you were upset and had a fleeting thought like “I always miss the ball.” or “I never get all the jacks.” or “I stink at chess.” Those thoughts are out there, striving to come true. woman_thinking astronaut

Once a thought is thought it will continue to try to come true. That is its mission. If later you think “I will kick this ball,” or “I am a great chess player,” those thoughts are also striving to come true. The only problem is that the two opposing thoughts will each be striving to come true.

Or how about this one: you get dumped by your significant other. A reaction might be to think “All men/women are dishonest/losers/crazy.” This kind of thought can affect not only the type of people you are apt to meet but also what you think of them and how you treat them.

A thought’s mission is to manifest. Something for you to know is that when you have a negative thought because of something that has happened to you, that thought has been thought. It will still be striving to come true. If it was thought in a moment of upset it will have some power. It will be working against you behind the scenes. You might know it’s there – but you might not. In any case it will be striving to come into being. Now that is not good. It can undermine your thoughts of today.

Who remembers every thought that has ever passed through their mind? While many of them were good and are striving to bring abundance into your experience, some of them may have been not so good and are still out there striving to manifest and therefore are undermining the foundation you are laying with your abundant thoughts.

Things may have happened in the past to cause you to decide you weren’t responsible enough or deserving of getting what you want. Maybe you betrayed a lover, stole candy from a baby or blew up a planet. You might have decided at that time that you didn’t deserve abundance. You have to realize that whatever it was that made you put limits on your power, it is in the past.

photo credit: macinate via photopin cc
photo credit: macinate via photopin cc

The past is the past. Let it go. You’ll be living in the future from now on. The way to do this is to dwell on your ideal life, revel in it, plan how you will live the life of your wildest dreams.

Your mission now (should you choose to accept it) is to create more thoughts around your ideal life and the things you desire, rather than negative thoughts like you may have entertained in the past.

To help you with that, here’s a link to a recent audio training I did that covers the topic of how your thoughts really are the key to living your wildest dreams.

Warmly, Wayne Porter