Resistance and Tragedies

Hi there.

A few days ago I got a message from my spirit mentors, Xara & Friends, regarding the most recent tragic event. I hesitated to share it, but I’ve finally decided to do it because they are gently reminding me that it could help.

“Where there is ANY resistance, there is stuckness, and the resistance people offer to events in history – even those that happened yesterday – keeps them from focusing on what will truly set them free – which is connecting to who they really, really are.

No amount of resistance offered on behalf of the tragedy will change what took place or bring those who passed back to the physical. However, all the collective resisting is a sure way to attract more of the same type of experience, simply because of the thoughts and vibrations – along with the strong emotions – which are being offered.

This may seem contrary to how one might be expected to react to such events, but if everyone would simply send up a prayer of ‘Goodbye, see you again soon, friends’ we would have far fewer of these types of events occurring, for several reasons.

Firstly, so much fearfulness is generated by the media talking on and on about it in horrified terms that the emotions run high, and as a result the Universe – being an attraction-based universe – has no choice but to provide that which you think about and believe in, and so another similar event manifests.

Secondly, when you allow your own vibration to be lowered by that which occurs to people in other parts of the world – or even other parts of the neighborhood – you are actively participating in creating more events like that in the future, do you see?

While it may seem unfeeling, we want to explain to you the simple fact that life on Earth is about choices, and there is no experience that occurs which was not chosen by the person experiencing it.

That is not to say that you should not handle every situation with love and understanding – that is who you are – a being of love and understanding. What we are saying is that the best way you can help to uplift others and increase the vibration on this planet is to maintain your vibrational position of love and understanding and do all you can to assist others in doing the same.

Much of this reaction of panic and horror and fearfulness comes from a fear of death and the idea that you lose the connection to your loved ones when they release their physical form and move on to their non-physical existence. This fear of death of the body and the ludicrous idea that you cannot connect with those who are in the non-physical is perpetrated by your misinformed (we’re being kind) news media outlets and some religious leaders.

It would not serve the media if you did not react to the bad news they love to serve up. How would they make any money from their pharmaceutical advertisements if nobody was afraid of death and nobody tuned in to their negative vibrations? If you didn’t have a headache, or feel ‘depressed’ then you wouldn’t need to buy their pills, would you? So it is in their financial interest to make sure they give you headaches and keep you feeling depressed and hopeless, do you see?

And what of religious mis-information and mis-conceptions? If nobody were the slightest bit afraid of death and destruction  – because they were instead focused upon the joy of creativity – the churches might start to empty, and how would they make any money and keep those big buildings heated if nobody was afraid of death and everybody was instead focused on celebrating life?

We are being a little cynical here, but we mean it when we say that if you made a decision to offer a vibration of celebration and joy you would not be able to be controlled as a society by what you hear on the news, or in a church, or in a public school, or at the dinner table.

Instead, you would know who you really, really are, you would know what is true for you, and you would know that as an eternal being you are indestructible and you would go about your day in peace and joy and constant creativity and all the money spent on generating bad news and brainwashing advertising could instead be spent on creating the joy, peace and creativity you all deserve! That’s the challenge. That’s the mission: fun and creativity.

We are done with our little declaration of reality here today. Now go play.

With great love, Xara & Friends”

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Hugs, Mandy and Xara & Friends