She made sense of her pain and found ecstacy

After a devastating accident that left her with a severely damage spine, Lynnet McKenzie was bedridden, unable to walk. In terrible pain every day, she was almost ready to give up and let go. But then, in a moment of excruciating pain, she had an extraordinary experience that she describes as feeling like an intense spiritual orgasm.

She was shown a vision of a divine tsunami of divine feminine energy that was sweeping the planet, and she heard a voice telling her that she was here to be a leader in this movement!

Lynnet McKenzie

In that moment Lynnet set herself a mission that she had no idea how she was going to accomplish -and her mentoring practice, Opening To Ecstasy – was birthed.

In this astoundingly candid and intimate conversation Lynnet shares how she was able to let go of her intense self-criticism, shift her perspective from seeing herself as a perpetual victim, and literally love her way back to health.   To find out how she did that and what she recommends for you, tune in to listen to Lynnet McKenzie’s interview here: Dream Business Breakthrough Virtual Retreat.

I put this event together so that you could meet and get to know amazing women like Lynnet.  So that you could really see what’s possible for you.  And so that you would really and truly know how much you deserve to have everything you desire.

May the Source be with you, always!


Love, Mandy Wildman