Your Perspective Can Change

I loved this piece of reasoning that came to me during a meditation back in October:

“Your mood or attitude – your THOUGHTS – can change in a split second. Your perspective of any situation or desired manifestation can pivot on a dime. You OWN your thoughts and the outcomes that they activate. So focus on the feeling of having what you want, and you’ll immediately be closer to having it.”

The future is yours!

Is’t that cool? Isn’t it radical that how you feel RIGHT NOW has a direct effect on what happens in your future? So how could you apply it to this very moment?

Can you change how you feel about something that’s been bothering you, and see the positive aspects of it?

Can you decide to be unaffected by the past, and focus on that blank canvas called your future?

Can you step into your ideal vision for you life as if it’s already happening right now?

I’ll bet you can if you practice just a little bit.


Mandy Wildman


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