My Cheap Keyboard

Cheap Keyboard
My cheap keyboard

Okay, am I cheap, or am I thrifty and creative? Or maybe sentimental?

Sometimes buying something new just because you can afford to isn’t a good enough reason.

This keyboard has been with me through thick and thin.  And I do mean thin.  And thick.

It’s been there for me when I was creating websites and blogging and building my coaching business and sometimes it felt like my only lifeline to the future of my dreams.

Well, this keyboard helped me get to this future, and I worked so hard to create the programs and e-books and articles and courses and everything else that now provide our lifestyle that I actually wore the letters off the keys.  They literally disappeared, one by one.

Do my fingers sweat that much when I’m typing?  Apparently. I guess it’s part of what I put into every word I write. Well, that and the tears and the blood.

Wayne and Talbryn (our son) would refuse to use my keyboard because they couldn’t see the keys.  But me and my keyboard knew where they were.  We’d shared hundreds of thousands of words together, and we knew just where the letters were.  We had an understanding – a psychic connection, if you will.

Still, to appease my boys (and what exactly ARE you doing using my computer anyway?) I made these letters and stuck them on the keys.  To allow my loved ones to share the secret of my magic keyboard.

If you type long enough, your dreams will come true.  And pretty soon you’ll be sitting in a sunny office with a big picture window on a beautiful Spring day taking the time to share your thoughts with the world, just because you can.*

I’m grateful to Qwerty (that’s her name).  Long live Qwerty!

Love, Mandy

*(And because you’re using the time you would have wasted driving to an electronics store to buy a new keyboard.)