Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

Is there a way to monetize your mindset?  Well, let me answer that by asking another question:

Have you ever noticed that this planet seems to be run on limiting beliefs? Like “Being a millionaire at the age of 16 is impossible,” or “An old lady can’t lift a car off her grandchild,” or “Nobody can run a mile in under 4 minutes,” and yet all of those beliefs have proven to be untrue.

Every day we hear about someone who has done something that was previously believed to be totally and absolutely impossible.

So, by deductive reasoning, wouldn’t it seem as if your reality is formed by what you believe, not by what other people think?

And taking the deductive reasoning a little further, wouldn’t it possibly follow that yes, not only CAN you monetize your mindset, but actually, it may well be the only way to true wealth.

No – not kidding!

I used to believe that only hard work could get you anywhere in life. Now, don’t get me wrong – working is really important – but if you’re also hard at work limiting yourself with all kinds of negative beliefs you’ll probably never ‘make it,’ sad to say.

Now I’m not trying to offend anyone here, I’m just trying to give you some insight as to how you can change the outcome of any given circumstance just by changing the way you think. Really.

For example, once I personally decided to believe that what I wanted to accomplish was absolutely possible and that I could find the answers I was looking for – things started to actually WORK for me. The magic that I thought was lost or unattainable seemed to “re-boot” in my life, and I felt happier every day.

Things that had seemed hard to me before seemed easier and more enjoyable and I gained a fresh certainty about my life and my business and my everyday actions that felt like what I had heard people describe as a new spiritual awakening – an awareness of my own power to direct my life and live productively doing what I love to do.

It wasn’t easy for me – I had a LOT of limiting beliefs going on at the time: “The economy is bad,” “people are not spending money right now,” “our field is too competitive,” and the famous “I can’t do everything!” I mean, the excuses I made to myself were endless. The reasons to fail? Wow.

And then one day Wayne kind of gave me a shake and said, “Look, knock it off, this isn’t like you!” And everything changed. All the philosophical and inspirational books I’d ever read kind of clicked into place and suddenly I knew that I had to change my life, and that probably the toughest challenge I’d ever had to face – was me!

I had to be accountable to myself in the same way that I now push my clients – even more so – and I really really wanted to achieve those feelings of accomplishment, serenity, happiness – that I enjoy now. I want that for everyone.

It took a few months, but it changed.  Everything changed.

How did I do it? Well, I had no place to go but up, so I just hung in there. I decided to believe I could do anything I wanted to do, and every single time I had a negative thought pop into my head, I replaced it immediately with a very, very positive thought that was the complete opposite of the negative thought. It was pretty funny, some of the things I told myself I could do, but it worked.

So just decide: make the decision that you are going to take control and are going to do whatever you set out to do and never, ever give up.

take controlMaybe you have a story of your own – a story of overcoming adversity or negativity of some kind in your life. I hope you do, because you can use that as PROOF that you can do anything!

And if you don’t have a story of your own yet, I hope you have one soon.  And if you need some help with that, why not treat yourself to some coaching with us?  You can even take a coaching test-drive with us at no charge – how’s that for an offer you can’t refuse?

And if in the meantime you have a dark moment, you can just know that I believe you can achieve your wildest dreams because Wayne and I have seen it happen with so many people. And that is why we wake up so happy every day – because helping you achieve your goals and live the life of your dreams is the life of OUR dreams. See?

Love, Mandy Wildman

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