Shouldn’t everybody Have an Easter Hat?

Mattie Parton works at our local Ingles grocery store. She works with guacamole, giving out samples. She’s always smiling and never complains. Mattie is in her late 70’s (or so) and one day she saw me wearing a felted wool hat that my sister-in-law, Pat Trevino, had made for me. “I like your hat,” says Mattie, shyly. “Would you like one?” I ask? “Oh, no, I can’t afford to buy myself hats!” she says. “What’s your favorite color, Mattie?” I inquire, casually. “Light blue,” she smiles.

I went to my sister-in-law – who’s retired and raising her great-grandson – and asked her if she had a light blue hat I could give to Mattie. Without hesitation Pat brought out a powder-blue beauty with a hand-made flower on the front. “Give her this one as an Easter gift from me,” she said.

Mattie Parton in Ingles, Waynesville NC
Mattie Parton in Ingles, Waynesville NC


Mattie gasped when she saw the hat, and she put it on immediately. She grinned happily as my husband snapped shots of her. Other shoppers stood by watching, misty-eyed – everybody in Waynesville loves Mattie.

The store manager, Jeff Henderson, came by to see what all the fuss was about. I asked him about Mattie. “She shows up for work on time every day,” he told me. “She’s a good employee. Ingles believes in hiring people with that kind of work ethic.”

And Pat and I believe they should have Easter hats.

Mattie Parton in Ingles, Waynesville NC
Mattie loves her new hat!


To see more of Pat’s one of a kind hats, you can visit her Etsy store HERE.