When You Take That Terrifying Step…

Have You Ever Been Terrified of Taking Your Next Step?

When I moved to America without knowing a soul – I was terrified.

When I got my very first website client back in the mid-90’s – I was terrified.

When I did my first big event as a business coach in front of over 100 people – I was terrified.

Mandy and Wayne give a seminar

When a prominent Buddhist nun approached me to be her business coach – I was terrified.

When the Chinese government approved our adoption application – for TWINS – I was terrified.

When we moved to North Carolina with 3 young kids not knowing a single soul, I was terrified.

When I had a spontaneous Unusual Spiritual Experience a few years ago – I was terrified.

When I launched our first book – The Success Memos – on Amazon Kindle – I was terrified.

When I met Mike Dooley and decided to become a certified Infinite Possibilities trainer – I was terrified.

Mike Dooley - Infinite Possibilities
Mandy and Wayne with Mike Dooley

When I opened my shop – Vibrant Galaxy Resale Boutique in Maggie Valley, NC – I was terrified.

And when my spirit guides told me that I should share their messages of love and encouragement with the world, I was REALLY terrified. (Still am!)

Can you relate?

Have you had events in your life that made you feel nervous, afraid, fearful or – like me – gut-wrenchingly terrified?

What did you decide to do? Did it all work out okay in the end? It usually does, right? But without you taking those first scary steps, you’d never know.

No matter what you are facing right now – whether it’s scary or not – the only real direction you can move is forward, right? And when you feel fear and you take that next step anyway – well – that is what they call COURAGE, on or off the battlefield.

So I just wanted to give you some admiration – and yes, thanks – for all that you have the courage to do – EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

You’ve got this.

Mandy Wildman