New puppydog tales

We got a new puppy from our local animal rescue shelter . . .

tiny chihuahua puppy

. . .she is very, very small and her name is Athena.  Or Sophie.  Or Sophena.  We can’t quite decide.

Tal with chinuahua puppy

Luckily she is not very cute and nobody is in love with her.  Nobody at all.

No, nobody is absolutely delighted that we got her, so it’s easy to see why someone would dump her at a shelter.

chihuahua puppy

Because at 2lbs (soaking wet) she’d be awfully expensive to feed.

Unless of course you’d be willing to sneak bits of chicken from your own plate when mom wasn’t looking, just to make sure she was not inconvenienced by pangs of hunger of any kind.

Jasmine would be fine if we took her back to the shelter . . .

Holly and puppy

And Holly wouldn’t mind a bit.  Because nobody is in love with this little dog.  Not really.

Jasmine and puppy

Weeelllll – maybe just a teeny bit . . .or maybe quite a lot.

Holly & Athena

Of course there are SOME people – er – dogs – who MILDLY disapprove of the new family member . . .

Rupert disapproves

“What?  New FAMILY member???  You’re kidding, right?!?”

Loveable Rupert

“Mom!  You CAN’T be serious!!! Tell me she’s not staying forever!”

Girls with chihuahua

Afraid so, buddy – adoption’s forever in our family.