A brush with death births a passion for success

Matt and Geri Mahaley got a frightening wake-up call when Matt was rushed to hospital for heart complications caused by his excessive weight.   This brush with death spurred Matt and Geri to make some life-changing choices.

Overweight physically and weighted down with a bloated overhead that kept him in an unfulfilling job, Matt decided to step off one treadmill and onto another.

In just under 2 years, Matt went from this:

 Matt at 290 lbs

To this:


Matt in hospital

To this:

His pants are too big!


Matt’s wife Geri joined him in his quest for ideal health and soon the couple were working out together, preparing healthy meals together, and losing weight together.  Their success became a burning passion, and they decided to change their lives completely and open a fitness center so that they could help others lose weight, eat healthy meals and feel good about themselves.

With three  young children and starting a new business on a shoestring, the stakes were high for Matt and Geri, so when a loving relative gifted them with a VIP Success Coaching Day with us, they were thrilled.

We drove up to spend the day with Matt and Geri at their beautiful location up in the Tri-Cities area of Tennessee (which we loved, by the way).  Their new business is called Synergy X Fitness and it’s located in Johnson City, TN.

We had a total blast brain-storming with this energized couple, and together we cooked up a (top secret) Marketing Campaign and Action Plan that will put their new business on the map and help a lot of people lose a lot of weight and get healthy along the way.


Matt and Geri VIP Coaching Day


Now, a little over 2 years after avoiding a potentially devastating health crisis, Matt and Geri have brand new bodies and a brand new business, and they work together every day doing what they love.

Which goes to show that with passion, determination, faith, and a little help, anything is possible.

We are so appreciative that we get to work with people like Matt and Geri doing what we love!


Mandy & Wayne

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