Are You Ready to Step into YOUR Soul-Centered Success?

Hi there and Happy 2014!

We know that at this time of year, like so many other soul-centered entrepreneurs, you’ve probably been giving some very serious thought to how you want 2014 to be different for you.

2013 was an interesting year, to say the least, wasn’t it? We’ve talked to so many people who had to move through some major breakthroughs last year, and almost all of you expressed gratitude (and relief!) at having come out the other side stronger and more determined than ever to purposefully move in the direction of your Spirit-inspired goals.

Now, if things changed for you as a result of what we call ‘the 2013 experience’ that’s great. If you’ve taken off in a new direction and everything is now falling into place perfectly, we’re delighted and excited for you, and there’s really no need for you to keep reading.

You only need to continue reading this if you’re a soul-centered, passion-driven entrepreneur (or want to be) and you’re stuck in a “dollars for hours” place that’s making you feel like you’re stagnating – you’re not really moving forward as fast as you’d like and you’re determined not to slide backwards.

If you want to do MUCH MORE of what you LOVE and be successful being YOU, getting paid what you’re worth and bringing more joy and brilliance into your life and to the people you want to work with, it’s our guess that you probably want to do it fairly quickly, right?

The simplest and most direct way to bring more Abundance, Success and Prosperity into your experience is to get paid higher fees based on the value – the TRUE value – of the unique way in which you serve your clients.

But jumping into creating a brand new business model that serves at a higher level for a higher fee so that you can still work the same number of hours (or less) may seem like a great idea but a little daunting, right?

And that’s the reason most people don’t move as fast as they could towards the fullest expression of who they really are!

Okay – so here it is – our 2014 gift to YOU: you have until MONDAY Jan 6th to apply for a 40% SCHOLARSHIP for either of our Signature Programs:

  • Our BRAND NEW How to Be Successful Being YOU! 6 month Private Success Mentoring Program, OR

  • Our powerful Shooting Star Success VIP Coaching Day

If you prefer to learn at an easy, step-by-step pace, with hand-holding, homework and accountability, then the How To Be Successful Being You 6 month private success mentoring program would be your best option.

But if you prefer to work super fast, getting all the inside secrets to the structure, marketing and messaging you need to create your success plan in just one day (with follow up emails and calls) then the Shooting Star VIP Day would most likely be perfect for you.

The only requirement to being awarded the 40% scholarship is that you are a soul-centered, inspiration-driven entrepreneur who has a gift – your product or service – that needs to be shared with the world in a BIG way SOON.

To apply now and save 40% just email us HERE telling us why you feel you’d qualify for the scholarship – and we’ll set up a call to go over which option would be best for you.

When we work together we’ll show you how to:

  • Attract your ideal clients by being absolutely true to who YOU REALLY ARE (it may be that you’re ready to serve a whole new group of special beings at a higher level)
  • Recognize the value of your specific, unique gifts in a deeply personal way that makes your soul sing and your heart race with anticipation (and give yourself permission to charge more!)
  • Create your Soul-Centered Signature System from which your unique services and products will naturally take wing
  • Design at least one deliciously attractive offering for your ideal clients – a high-end program or service that you can start offering right away
  • Access your Spirit-Driven Intuition and your connection to Source Energy inspiration to propel you forward in your best possible direction – always
  • Use Attraction-Based Marketing so that the Universe knows exactly what you want (and delivers it to you!)
  • Take a Spirit-Guided approach to asking people to commit to working with you,
  • …and more.

IMPORTANT: To apply for the savings, reply to this email letting us know why you think you’d be a good choice for the 40% scholarship, and submit to us no later than Monday, January 4th.

We know you understand that we have to be selective about who we work with because we want to make sure that you get the BIG changes you’re looking for, and that can only be achieved by being committed to TAKING the steps you’re inspired to take in alignment with your personal vision.

So if you’re ready to reach out further than you’ve ever reached before, and get to where you want to be, let’s start a conversation by email and then talk in person if we all feel it’s the right next step.

Whatever you decide to do, may the Source be with you!

Much love,

Mandy & Wayne

P.S. If this message is coming to you as an answer to a question that’s been playing on your mind, we urge you to act on your intuition and reach out to us. If you are committed to your vision we can probably make the investment part of our program workable for you.

P.P.S. We can take just 5 people at this special 40% scholarship rate, so don’t hesitate – just allow your passion and instinct to lead you and EMAIL US now.