Don’t Forget To Thank YOU!

Dear beautiful being,

As wonderful as it is to express gratitude for good things – and SO MANY are doing it now – there’s one thing we’ve noticed that seems kind of odd to us.

Very few people thank the one person who actually made it all happen: themselves.

Now before you go sending us protest-y emails saying things like, “What about the Universe?” or “But I owe everything to my awesome (mom, brother, mentor, etc.)” we get that.

But who was it who asked for – and accepted – that help? Who was it who listened to the advice and who was it that took the necessary action steps to get to where you are now?

So here’s our question: is it time you got over putting YOURSELF last? 

Maybe it’s time you shouted out:


Here are 3 ways to express gratitude to yourself:

  1. Acknowledge (give yourself a nice pat on the back)
  2. Indulge (treat yourself to something normally forbidden)
  3. Reward (make an invest in youself)

Because if you’ve been putting one-foot-in-front-of-the-other up to this point in your life then you have something to celebrate. Something to be proud of. And something that deserves to be rewarded.

For our part, we’re going to give YOU a $100 gift certificate towards a 12-month membership in our brand new Out-Of-This-World Solopreneur Success program.

That’s our way of:

a) Acknowledging you just for getting to this point in time in (more or less) one piece

b) Indulging our addiction to helping lovely people be more happy and successful

c) Rewarding you for for all the dreams you’ve dreamed and the actions you’ve taken so far.

Are you ready?

$100 coaching coupon

To claim your gift certificate just email us and say “I love me!” Or, if you prefer, you can message Mandy or Wayne on FB to snag your $100 gift certificate.

Tons of love, Mandy & Wayne

P.S. What are some ways you’re going to thank yourself this Thanksgiving?  Post your answers in comments below. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Don’t Forget To Thank YOU!

  1. I am celebrating me by taking an indulgent staycation for Thanksgiving! After 3 challenging months of caring for a cat through 2 major surgeries, I am taking it EASY – time off from teaching & no travel – generating thoughts of EASE – finding & celebrating EASE in every move I make – feeling the Universe & all of Consciousness having my back in everything I do (& not doing much!) – having someone come to my home to do energy work & body work – attending the Gratitude Circle & sharing the TG meal w/ my peeps @ Center for Spiritual Living Asheville – taking time for getting lost in the piano – & in all of it consistently loving myself, acknowledging me for the gift that I am, feeling gratitude to Life. Now THAT is living a rich life! (Thanks for asking, Mandy & Wayne!)

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