How Desperately Needing Business Coaching Made Us Who We Are

A few years ago, if you’d told us that we’d be standing up in front of groups of hard-working, passionate business owners – healers, contractors, store owners, artists and yes, even other coaches – answering their questions about how to make their businesses more profitable so that they could grow, give back and maybe even change the world, we’d have looked at each other and said, “Wow, really?”

It all started when the economic meltdown devastated our successful marketing business as it did with so many people.  We needed help. We needed direction, guidance, and reassurance that everything was going to be fine in the end.

So we went back to the drawing board. We tried new ideas and embraced emerging technology. We tweaked strategies we’d used successfully in the past, threw out what no longer worked, and re-tooled our marketing efforts to be effective for the ‘new’ economy.

We spent months searching for answers, reading books, attending conferences and questioning colleagues and mentors. What we found was that some of the answers worked, many were out-dated, and some just flat-out didn’t work at all.

As we formulated – and then implemented – our new business action plan we had a big realization. We had developed a system. And our system worked. We just needed to work the system. And if it worked for us, it could work for others.

Literally overnight it became our passion and our mission to share what we’d created with other business owners. To help our clients and our friends. Because we didn’t want you to go through the same soul-destroying stress, fear, and uncertainty that we’d experienced.

Our Monetize Your Vision STAR Coaching Program is for business start-ups and start-overs. We’ll help you reinvent, redesign or restart your business and not only survive, but thrive and prosper like never before.

Because the fact is, nothing beats having someone who’s on your side, 24/7. Or a dose of good old-fashioned, cutting-edge, common-sense business advice right when you need it. Oh – and a website too, if you need one.

And the only thing better than having a great business coach in your corner is having two great business coaches in your corner. One program, two perspectives. All good.

Because we have just about 12 more spots in our Star Coaching Program, and you don’t want to have to wait, now that you’ve decided to take action, right?

Our clients’ testimonials are proof that being part of a great business coaching program is the way to sky-rocket your success potential. No more second-guessing yourself. No more depending on well-meaning friends and relatives to make important business decisions for you. No more worrying that your business is just not going to make it.

Imagine being able to ask questions. Imagine feeling confident in your business decisions. Imagine making powerful connections and lasting friendships with other business owners just like yourself. What would it be like to be able to stand up and say, “I am a successful business owner”?

Because if you don’t do it now, when will you do it?

Because while you’re waiting for the right time, the right time is slipping into the past.

Because it’s time for you to give yourself the present of changing your future.

We’ll be waiting for you at the other side.

Love, Mandy & Wayne