Poverty, Greed, Abundance and You

In some religions followers take a vow of poverty which must be embraced in order to reach certain spiritual, moral, or intellectual states. A lot of people take this to mean that living in poverty is a desirable state, but that that is actually not the case. In fact the teaching philosophy behind taking a vow of poverty is to ensure that one uses only the resources necessary for personal sustenance, and avoids over-consumption driven by greed. It has nothing to do with running around in rags and expecting everyone else to do the same.

Often when I ask people how much money they would like to have, they tell me that they don’t want to seem greedy. Understood. If you support the concept of leaving a small footprint on Earth in order not to unduly damage the precious resources that we all share and enjoy, that makes sense. This planet is self-regenerating to a large degree, and can naturally recover from certain types of habitation by animal and human species – but not from the rampant destruction wrought by greed-driven and careless individuals and groups.

But when I question them further about what they would do if they received a very large windfall, more than 97% of them say that once their needs and desires are met, and their loved ones are taken care of, they would give away their surplus to charitable causes (saving the planet’s natural resources, for example).


Pretty Field by Wayne J. Porter

So let me get this straight: How can it possibly be “greedy” to want to protect the planet and help the people and animals who call it home?

When you look at it that way (and I do) then wanting to have a lot of money – an abundance of it – is not much different to taking a vow of poverty – PROVIDED your heart is in the right place.

After all, we will never be able to match the strength of truly greed-driven companies like Monsanto or the big drug and oil companies – if we don’t have the financial resources to do so. In fact, if we all decide that it is a good thing to be poor, they will have won, won’t they?

So my appeal to you is this: Unless you are a full-time religious practitioner in a faith where you are encouraged to take a vow of poverty so that you can do your mission unencumbered by the need for money to pay for your worldly needs, then I want you to do something. Not for me. Not for you. But for ALL of us.

Assuming that you are one of the 97% of kind, generous, caring and generous people who live in this world, I want you to TAKE A VOW OF ABUNDANCE.

Why? So that you can do your part to help protect the abundance of beauty and bounty and goodness that we enjoy in this world.


Really? Can I do that? Yes, I may! And may you enjoy all the abundance there is, this month and every month!

Yours in success,

Mandy Wildman