Mastering The Wicked “Ifs” and Changing Your Mindset

Mastering The Wicked “Ifs” and Changing Your Mindset

The word “if” can be very dangerous. When you use it, you can be limiting the Universe and yourself. If you feel that a certain thing, feeling or manifestation can only be realized as a result of a certain action, person, thing or condition, it can severely limit your chance of achieving that thing, feeling or manifestation. Perhaps it’s time to change your mindset.

For example:

“If” you only had a significant other then you would feel fulfilled.

“If” you only had a job at a radio station you would feel abundant.

“If” only you had the newest car, fashion, computer, ipad, video game, etc. then you could be happy…

It can go on forever. The reason you don’t feel fulfilled, abundant or happy is because you don’t feel fulfilled, abundant or happy! You are the cause of your own feelings. You cannot look to an outside source for an inner result.

Look for others with the feeling you want.  And yes, the money you want.


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Are there others that feel fulfilled without a significant other? Do some people feel abundant without a job at the radio station? Are some people happy who don’t have the newest car, fashion, computer etc? Then you can be happy also.

Conversely, are there people who have the new video game who are not happy? Aha! So some people with the new video game are not happy? Could it be that the video game doesn’t make people happy? Could it be that some people who work at the radio station don’t feel abundant?

Just focus on the little things that make you happy. Make being happy your goal and you just might find that you get the new car or computer or whatever sooner. Concentrate on feeling happy, not on some other thing you hope to make you happy.

If you believe that you will only be happy if you have a certain person, place or thing then if you don’t get it, you may never be happy! Focus on being happy no matter what. You will probably find that the things that you want will manifest in your life because you are happy. You get things you desire because you are happy, you don’t become happy because you get the things you desire.


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Our friend Mattie – works at a grocery store and one of the happiest people we know!


Hinging your happiness on some other specific person, place or thing is a very precarious place to be.

Do you think better things will come if you are sad and depressed or if you are happy and optimistic? If you focus on the feeling you want, you make it easier for abundance to come to you.

Here is an example of a Wicked “if”: When our son was about two years old he dropped a cracker on the floor and it broke. I offered him another cracker and he insisted he wanted “That cracker, not broken!” He decided that the only way he would be happy was “if” he had a certain thing – that specific cracker, not broken. Unfortunately the thing he wanted was impossible.

Don’t hinge your happiness on an “if.”

Now if you have ever found yourself insisting on an unbroken cracker that was in fact already broken, all is not lost. There is hope.

Mastering the ‘Wicked If’s’ and changing your mindset could unblock your money flows and allow the abundance you’ve been waiting for to finally arrive at your doorstep!

Give it a try and see.

Wayne Porter