Two Success Traits You Have, Right?

Over the past several years I have noticed two things about successful entrepreneurs:

  • They take the time to visualize clearly what they want to have happen.
  • They show up, ready to do the work needed to get the job done.

By now you’ve heard about “visualizing,” right? Learning to visualize the end result of what you want to accomplish – whether it be a shiny red sports car, a hand-made musical instrument, or a million dollar business – is not a new thing.

Visualizing what you want is as old as buddha, so it’s not a particularly “woo-woo” concept, it’s just been made that way by the bankers and the divorce attorneys.  Imagine: “Oh, we’re just going to visualize a lovely profit on your investment,” or “Let’s all visualize a happy outcome here, shall we?” It doesn’t look too good on a contract – you can’t blame them for that.

But it doesn’t matter whether people say they’re doing it or not – When they want something they see it in their mind’s eye first, I don’t care if it’s Donald Trump – actually, especially him. He visualizes the end result of what he wants. It’s not possible not to. I’ll prove it to you, right now.

Close your eyes and don’t think about a black cat. Go on, don’t do that.

Anybody see a black cat there in their head, despite trying not to? Did anybody NOT see a black cat?

So it’s almost impossible NOT to visualize that building you’d like to break ground on, or the concert you want to be a part of, or your phone ringing off the hook with orders for your products, see?

IF you actually WANT something – really want it – you’ll be able to see it in your mind. Depending how much you want it, you’ll be able to see it almost constantly, as various things remind you of it as you go through your daily life.

It’s kind of like when you are getting ready to buy a new car, you start seeing that make and model – in your color – everywhere!

I’ve observed college students having trouble with finishing up their degree because they are not really committed to their “chosen” (by their parents) career. He can’t see himself in a financial career because his passion is elsewhere but his parents wouldn’t pay for him to study acting so he’s studying finances instead, but he doesn’t finish it because his heart isn’t in it. If he does finish his financial studies to please his family, you’d better hope he doesn’t become your IRS agent! (Joke).

So we know from that that “should be’s” can be deadly to one’s career, life and peace of mind. That’s another subject for another day.

It’s observable that people who allow themselves to do what’s natural, and visualize – see a picture of – what they want in their minds, have a statistical tendency to be more successful. Go research this if you don’t believe me.

Does the term “dreamer” sound vaguely like an insult? Why is that? Why do people make derisive comments about people they are accusing of being “dreamers”?

Is it entirely due to the fact that they gave up on their own dreams long ago, so they are driven to mock others who have not abandoned their dreams? OR is there some other reason people tend to make fun of people who talk about their dreams?

I know for a fact that people who’ve given up on their heartfelt dreams will sometimes tend to go to the dark side and try to make nothing of people who haven’t.

But I have another take on this: what if it were the dreamers themselves who gave visualizing a bad name? Because I don’t care what anyone says, if you depend only and exclusively on visualizing things into existence, you are going to have a loooooong wait before anything financially significant happens, if ever.

Turning over the manifestation of your dreams to your designated Higher Power and expecting something outside of yourself to “provide” for you – is not a quality of successful people.  Do miracles happen?  Heck, yes.  Do they happen to people who spend their life sitting on the sofa eating potato chips?  Maybe, but it’s not too likely.

You’re going to need to be involved in the creation and accomplishment of your own dreams and goals.

If you believe that you are an instrument of a Higher Being, then get busy. If you believe that we live in an abundant Universe, then take the steps needed in order to help create that abundance in your life and the lives of others. And if you don’t believe in any kind of a higher or abundant power, you can still play, but you’re still going to need to get busy after the step where you visualized what you wanted.

So the second step that successful people do, regardless of their personal beliefs – or because of them – they SHOW UP READY TO DO THE WORK. TO DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO MAKE THAT VISION A REALITY.

Now, you don’t need to go to the trouble of visualizing your goals if you’re not ALSO planning to work to make them happen. In fact, I forbid you to visualize without also showing up to make it happen. Because you’re going to end up disappointed and unsuccessful and that pains me, so you can’t visualize without also making an action plan and figuring out how to get it done.

I’m not saying you have to do ALL the work yourself. I’m just saying that you have to at least FIND the people who will help you get the work done, like my friend Denise Teague who owns the best little toy store in Western North Carolina.  Fun Things Etc. – look it up.

Denise wants to create a children’s museum in Waynesville, North Carolina.  If you have a multi-million dream like that, it’s so easy to say to yourself, “Oh, that’s just ridiculous – I could never do a thing like that! Where would I get the money?”

But Denise is a pretty determined lady and she’s made of stronger stuff. She realizes that you don’t have to have all the money yourself – you can get other people on board with the project. You can call a meeting and invite anyone who might be interested in helping, see?

You can put together a volunteer army and create a dedicated team. Wayne and I have done this numerous times.  We got a bunch of movies made that way – and yet we didn’t have any money to begin with – we had to figure it out. That’s actually the fun part. That’s what Denise is doing. She doesn’t have a couple of million dollars lying around, but she’s not going to give up on her dream, so she’s figuring out how to make it happen.

Will a higher power play a part in all of this? Oh, you bet! Because once she starts that train rolling down the track, everyone’s going to want to jump on and be a part of the game she’s creating, see? Even the Higher Powers. Especially the Higher Powers.

I’m not saying you have to have any kind of faith to be successful. I’m pretty sure it helps tremendously. Personally I wouldn’t leave home without it.  But I’m not saying you have to have it.  Although if you don’t have faith in at least yourself, why are you even bothering to do anything?

No, all I’m saying is, that I have observed two traits of successful individuals:

  1. They visualize what they want to accomplish.
  2. They show up ready to do what it takes to make it happen.

If you want to leverage any extra Universal Laws or Higher Powers you have access to, well that’s up to you now, isn’t it?  But make sure you are participating in your own success by taking control of your income, or you’ll be blocking all the free help (which would be no good, right?)

So as your first step I would recommend that you quit arguing with yourself and just go ahead and ask for a free coaching session from Wayne or I.  Go ahead and leverage our offer of free help.


1) Because it’s free. 

2) Because you deserve this.

3) Because we won’t be able to offer free coaching forever – we’re getting busier every day.

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Hugs, Mandy Wildman