What if there were another, better way?


We know how you might be feeling right now. We’ve been there.

The holiday season is coming up, and you need money NOW.

But the problem is, your business simply isn’t making you enough money, and you’re in a panic. You’re feeling vulnerable because you’re already overwhelmed with too much to do and now it seems like you have to do even more work just to survive the next few months.

Sure, owning your own business is hard. Sometimes it’s very hard. But if being a successful small business owner was a cakewalk everybody would be driving around in limos throwing $100 bills out of their tinted windows, right? And there wouldn’t be that thrill of achievement we get when we have a high-income month or get some great new clients.

Some people spend months – sometimes years – scanning the classifieds and looking for a job – any job – often because they don’t have the guts or the knowledge to get started in their own business and make it profitable right out of the gate.

We can’t help you with the guts. It does take a certain set of nerves and a sense of adventure (and humor) to be an independent entrepreneur or small business owner. So if you’re the type that falls apart under pressure, keep scanning those classifieds.

But if you’re looking for complete control over your life, a rocket-ride of an adventure, profits that give you cause to celebrate, and a way to spend more time doing what you love with the people you love, then your next step in life is waiting for you:

Schedule a 20 minute, no-cost MoMo (Money Momentum) phone coaching session with Mandy & Wayne right here, right now: Yes! I want a MoMo Coaching Call!

  • BECAUSE if you don’t do SOMEthing different, nothing will change. Nothing.
  • BECAUSE what the heck do you have to ‘lose’ that you’re not already losing?
  • BECAUSE it’s got to be your turn sometime, and if not now, when?

We know from years of experience working with creative (and wonderful) business owners and entrepreneurs that if you are ‘overwhelmed, overworked, and broke’ – there’s a reason, AND there’s a solution.

We know this, because we were once right there with you. And now we’re right here – winning – and we want you to be with us. On your terms. Doing what YOU love. Efficiently. Effectively. Effortlessly. Successfully.

Do it now. Call us – (828) 367-0488 – or email us and schedule a MoMo call.

  • BECAUSE if you take just 20 minutes off from struggling, SOMEthing might change.
  • BECAUSE if you can find out what it is that the winners are doing differently, you might win too.
  • BECAUSE if you’re not willing to invest 20 minutes of time to your business when we are, then it’s definitely time to rethink everything.

It’s your choice. Do what you’ve been doing and continue being overwhelmed, overworked and unfulfilled.

Or invest just 20 minutes and get a completely different – and much better – result that could change everything.

Because you deserve it, don’t you?

We think so. Email us – Mandy & Wayne – and ask us why.