3 Wicked Mistakes Womenpreneurs Make

I’ll confess, I’ve made some pretty bad business mistakes in my 20 + years as an entrepreneur. The worst one was deciding to go back into corporate a few years back – that doozy almost ended my marriage – ugh!

But over the years of coaching with small business owners – women and men – all over the world, I’ve noticed three BIG mistakes that women solopreneurs make over and over again – and it drives me nuts. (Why? Because I used to make them myself!)

Woman Solopreneur Mistake #1

Thinking others must know better than you do.

Taking advice from a professional is a good idea if it makes sense to do so, but taking advice from ANYONE can be very destructive to your precious enterprise! I’ve seen women who are convinced that everyone knows better than they do – parents, spouses, bank tellers and your cousin who’s done a computer course at the local college – you get the idea. Choose your advisors wisely!

Woman Solopreneur Mistake #2

Ignoring their natural intuition ten ways from Sunday!

They just refuse to make that “intuition-to-income connection” and they lose thousands of dollars because of it!

This one is pretty wicked, because while most women use their intuition freely in areas like childcare, cooking, or creative pursuits, when it comes to using their intuition in their business, they freeze up! They refuse to trust their feelings in the business arena because (according to their retired neighbor) ‘that’s not how business works’ (which is absolute B.S. by the way – ask me how I know).

Woman Solopreneur Mistake #3

Making wildly false claims like, “I’m no good at marketing!”

This one just drives me wild. They go around saying that they hate marketing and can’t sell to save their lives. (If you’re selling this rubbish to yourself – which you are – it’s absolutely KILLING your business!)

We’ve all been ‘selling’ since we were little kids. “Mom, if I clean my room can I have a sleepover?” or “Honey, wouldn’t it be great to get another car so we wouldn’t have to share?” is not much different from, “Molly, imagine what your life would be like if you had . . .” (fill in the blank here with the beautiful benefits of your product or service).

Woman Solopreneur BONUS Mistake

Refusing to ask for any help and try to do EVERYTHING themselves (this one’s the evil twin of #1).

If you’re feeling exhausted, stressed, discouraged, desperate or broke, you’re SO guilty of this bonus mistake – no exceptions (been there, done it).

Maybe you’re thinking, “who does she think she is, telling on us like this!” Look, I am very, very clear on what my mission statement is for the rest of this lifetime:

To help spirit-led solopreneurs step into their power, purpose and prosperity.

Why? So that we can take back the planet from the soul-sucking monopolies who are destroying it and all get to live a more joyous, creative and fulfilling life. And unlike a lot of people I am not one to sit on Facebook all day bitching and complaining – I’d rather be out there making a real difference and I think you would too.

So with all that said (and it was a lot, wasn’t it?) I really, really want you to go HERE right now and see how YOU can make a difference by allowing us to help you. You deserve it, and you know it’s time (high time) to stop making the mistakes that led you to the bottom of this page.

Come see the SURPRISE we have in store for you . . . .