Don’t Waste a Full Page Ad on Advertising

Buying a full-page ad in a magazine or newspaper is an expensive proposition and your readers know that. That’s why such an ad should always convey a concept of complete frivolity, gratitude and benevolence. As if it didn’t cost a fortune. As if you did it on a whim because you wanted to. As if you’re in a giving mood. As if you love your customers so much, you did this just for them. Make them laugh. Express your gratitude to them. Give them a generous gift. It’s all about having an abundant attitude. That’s what will get you the result you’re looking for and create the desired effect in the reader. That’s what will get you the positive public relations and community goodwill you crave.

Don’t ever waste a full-page print advertisement on just advertising your offerings. It comes across as desperate and unsophisticated. When you spend that kind of money your readers get it. It’s an ad. They know you’re trying to get their attention, and they’re only going to be impressed and – dare I say it – moved to ACT – if you surprise them by going the other way and NOT trying to sell them something, see?

Look at the ads as you flip through newspapers and magazines.  Notice the ones that have a lot of space around and a clear, simple message, and compare them with ads that are overloaded with information.  See the difference?

Mandy Wildman