Are you pricing yourself out of business?

You know, this really breaks our hearts. A ‘business owner’ comes to us and tells us she can’t make a living and has to take a part-time j.o.b. to make ends meet.

Listen, if you can’t make a living with your business, then you’re just not in business, it’s as simple as that. Because as business coaches Wayne and I know what’s going on. We’ve seen it before, we’ve heard it before, and we’ve solved it before.

Time and time again we hear, “Oh, I can’t charge too much because I know my clients can’t afford it.” How rude and insulting to your clients! Who are you to decide what they can and cannot afford? It’s an interesting fact (and you can probably think of examples of this) that when you want something badly enough, you’ll always find the money for it. Do you have a smart phone? A computer? A flat screen TV? A car? A house?

We see people literally price themselves out of business. No, they’re not charging too much – far from it. They are not charging nearly enough for the value they bring to their clients and as a consequence their ‘business’ becomes their ‘hobby’ and their job pays the bills!

Let’s look at this for a moment. What are your services really worth? Can they change lives? Do you go above and beyond and provide extra service by sharing your personal experiences with your clients to help them stay on track and not make expensive mistakes? Are you acknowledging your client’s critical need and working with them to help resolve the problem? Do you really care about them?

How can you put a price on that? When you don’t charge what your services are truly worth you’re doing your clients a huge disservice, because when you price your services appropriately your clients will value and respect you more, and will LISTEN to what you tell them. It’s the only way they can truly benefit from what you do. And you deprive people of your brilliance when you don’t charge enough for them to take you seriously.

So tell us: when are you going to give yourself a well-deserved raise? Are you waiting for a phone call from your mom, your spouse, the Universe, or your boss (that would be YOU)?

Please, don’t break our hearts. Charge what you’re worth and stay in business. Thrive. Expand. And serve more people. They need you.

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Love, Mandy & Wayne