[Closing Tips] Don’t push sales – *PULL* them. (It works!)

Have you ever been in a conversation with a hot prospect, and you start getting excited, then you get nervous, and then desperate-sounding phrases start flying out of your mouth?  After a few moments of this, you’ve totally lost your focus, you’re beating yourself up in your head, and your prospect is sitting there waiting for you to answer a question that you didn’t even hear them ask!

If this is you, take off the boxing gloves because life has already beaten you up by having your prospect walk away a bit confused and slightly disappointed, and you walking away empty handed without a new client.  Argh!

Sales mistakes NOT to make

Here’s what happens with a lot of entrepreneurs:  when they get to a point where the prospect is going to make a decision about whether or not to do business with them, they get afraid that the prospect will start coming up with reasons to say “no”.

To prevent this from happening, the nervous entrepreneur starts to talk really fast in order to block the prospect from voicing any objections, and they accidentally kill the deal by doing just that.

The reason you lose prospects this way is that you are pushing the sale, and it makes you and your prospect uncomfortable, because it feels ‘salesy’.

Here are some things you can do when you find yourself in that “over-eager” zone and the prospect in front of you is looking a little puzzled.  Just take a calming breath and ask them a question like, “Does this make sense to you?” or “Is there anything I’ve said that doesn’t make sense?”  And then shut up for a moment.  Let them answer.

Often they will tell you that it all makes sense, but they just can’t buy your service now because . . . and here’s where they give you the objection or challenge that is standing in their way.

Your next step is to ask them, “Is that the only thing that’s standing in the way of you investing in my XYZ product?”  You have to find out if this is the only reason, because maybe it’s not even the REAL reason, and you need to know that.

So put the conversation back in their court to give them a chance to voice any concerns or reasons they may have for not investing in your services.  If they want to work with you they will often talk themselves OUT of their own objections and INTO working with you.  But that can only happen if you let them TALK.

We call this business tool ’embracing the barriers’.  If you learn how to do it successfully you’ll be genuinely helping your prospects make the right choice for themselves without ever feeling that   you’re being ‘salesy’.

It’s a perfect win-win business strategy.

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Hugs, Mandy & Wayne