Does Your Website Represent who YOU are?

WNC website design

I hate to say this, but it makes me cringe when I visit someone’s website – especially someone I know – and their site is just – well – a mess. Lackluster, confusing, or one of those ugly “do-it-yourself in-one-night” sites.

It’s awkward for me because I don’t know whether to call them up and tell them how sucky their web design is (the kindest thing to do) or whether to chicken out and not say anything at all.

So I’m going to simply ask you a couple of questions and let you decide:

  •  Do YOU cringe when you look at your website?
  • What kind of responses have you had from your visitors so far (not counting family and friends)?
  • If you could change just 3 things about your current website, what would they be?
WNC website design
Does your website capture the essence of YOU?
I have an idea – how about we set up a time to talk on the phone or chat on Facebook? I’ll be more than happy to take look at your website and give you an honest (and kind) opinion. Let’s see if we can make sure your website is helping you accomplish your beautiful goals and dreams.
Hugs, Mandy

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