Facebook Groups and Flying Geese

Find Your flock (and flourish!)

 It’s pretty shocking to think that only about 5 years ago I understood how important it is to create your own network of people. And that’s just because Wayne pestered me with this reality until I finally got it.

Today we hear buzz terms like ‘audience’ ‘community’ ‘mailing list’ and ‘tribe,’ but what this all means became extremely clear to me as I was driving along a beautiful country road near our house and I saw a flock of geese flying in a relaxed “V” formation. I admired their grace and then thought nothing of it until, two days later, I was driving along that same road and I saw the same geese (I’m pretty sure they were the same ones – I mean they weren’t wearing name-tags or anything). There they were, trusting each other, letting one lead and then another, just hanging out and happily surviving – actually thriving – together.

Find your flock and flourish

I started to think about this, how animals and even plants are so attuned to working together in a group to protect and help each other in their lives. And it occurred to me that I was being shown how this applies to people as well.

Think about the people you need to do business with. Where are they? How can you connect with them? Is there a way you can gather them together (in a flock) and spend quality time getting to know them in a comfortable environment?

Here’s an idea that’s working well for me, and I’ll be you’d be able to do this too.

Inspired by the birds I decided to create a Facebook group for local women entrepreneurs. I started creating the group on a Thursday evening, and by Friday afternoon – to my vast surprise – the group had over 300 members! Obviously these women needed and wanted to be connected with each other in a safe, non-salesy environment and they literally flocked to the join the group.

WNC Women Entrepreneurs Group

Are we enjoying making new friends and having meaningful conversations? Absolutely. Are some of us doing business together? Sure, but that’s just a side benefit of the bigger picture – connecting with – and flourishing in – your flock.

Wayne and I would be glad to help you create or find a Facebook group for your specialized group – all you have to do is email us and we’ll walk you through the process.

Who’d have thought that after so long in business I could be shown how to connect with my soul-sisters by a flock of flying geese?

Yours in Soaring Success,

Mandy Wildman

Success Coaching for Soul-Centered Entrepreneurs

photo credit: ZeroOne via photopin cc